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This woman is phenomenal. …I recommend her to everyone…
She is so amazingly accurate – give it a try…
You have an amazing gift…
You are magic, lady!  I love the path you are on. Keep It going

Welcome! If you found my service you have been seeking some answers and finding yourself in wonder of what’s happening right now. Come on in. I am ready to delve into your higher self on your behalf with true compassion, kindness and complete acceptance of who you are. I do SOUL work. If you feel like your soul is being left behind and not fed, like it is dying slowly and needs retrieval, you are in the right place. Soul work needs to be done intergration with our ‘earthly’ work for the whole person to become truly who they are.

I have been working Intuitively for many years and have experienced true joy and enchantment in guiding souls towards their true desires and goals. It is my aim to be able to assist someone looking to burst into their true potential with reassurance and faith in what is possible for each and everyone. My moto and a mission statement below came to me intuitively a few years back and I believe there is nothing more important than living a life in alighment with your true authentic self


I am concerned the most and focused on primarily with gentle curiosity on WHO you ARE and what your soul desires the most.

My Intuitive Readings are tailored to an individual’s journey, psychic material and unique qualities and energies at the time. I never know when and how information is going to come, but it has almost always is instant and rich in content and insights. I tend to spend a day or two to consolidate all the material I encounter, see, feel and hear before sending it to you via email. Please allow for up to a week for completion (it is often sooner).

If you currently feel the need to connect to yourself on a deeper level and have some questions do CONTACT me to open up a connection between us. I am privilleged to serve you. Blessings!

Intuitive Reading with me 

I am here today to share and spread the light of consciousness and help guide you using intuition towards a fulfilling experience of being a spiritual being in a physical form. I am here to walk alongside you on your road back to yourself!

My work is a combination of creative channelling, journeying, depth psychology and spiritual transpersonal counselling. I use divination tools and crystals whenever I am drawn in my intuitive readings online and advise on spirit animals, past life signatures, unresolved traumas, etc.

My greatest belief is in human potential and through developing your own intuitive guidance systems and connecting with the Divine through whichever form you choose will bring much joy and peace into your life. My job is to guide you towards your own light and help you engage with your innate power and magic through intuitive guidance. My job is to speak to you through the messages of the source, symbols and voices of the old, which carry messages of empowerment and light.

  • remote convenient practice wherever you are in the world
  • very quick turnaround for intuitive readings online
  • powerful readings
  • flexible and open to everyone whatever your question
  • natural intuitively gifted practitioner with raw abilities
  • heart-felt open connection with every client
  • unique readings using a natural gift of clairvoyance and clairsentience
  • integrating psychology concepts of growth, development and healing
  • integrating crystal matching in my readings and elements mapping of the personality
  • always with sensitivity and compassion
  • wide knowledge of transpersonal psychology & Jungian symbolism and dream interpretations
  • very grounded practice in all things natural
  • deeply connected to nature
  • passionate, warm and joyful connection with each client

How does it work 

Many people contact me when they face challenging situations. Often many confusing and overwhelming feelings come with it. People seek clarity and healing. Some bring daily life difficulties and others’ questions are deeply spiritual in nature. My Intuitive readings are empowering and reassuring in nature, as well as, filled with psychic information that comes through to me from the Divine and your higher self.

Intuitive readings online can be based on a specific question/s or an issue you wish to address and can include Tarot cards, crystals matching and other psycho-spiritual recommendations and exercises depending on what I am called to use and apply to your particular reading. During the reading I will be tuning into your energetic vibration and answering any questions you might have.

My intuitive readings online aim to empower you on your path and help you see situations clearer. They also aim to open up your heart to all possibilities around. You are a powerful being with super abilities to transform your life and my job is to remind you of that with unconditional love and regard.

You might not have a specific question and simply would like to request a deeper connection and wanting to plug into the universal energy for information. Readings are designed to bring you clarity and peace.

Readings are done with me tuning into your energetic signature remotely, you don’t need to be present or talking, I will do the work and pass on all the information to you in writing. Sometimes information continues coming in even after the reading is complete and delivered. In those cases, I will contact you with anything additional that I receive.





nature spell


Are you ready to participate in your transformation and bring in Soul work into your day-to-day? Do you feel things are stagnant and stuck? What you need is Soul work and that’s where intuition and your inner magic are invaluable to bring about results you can truly feel and experience. This service is a collaboration between my intuitive offering and you taking charge of casting a spell created specifically for you and your unique situation.

The way it works

If you have a question or a situation that needs resolving, transforming or moving forward then let’s look at it creatively and through intuition and listening to what your higher self speaks of put together a spell that will help you move forward.

I create a spell for you intuitively and you perform it yourself in your own time and space. We work together to create the best outcome for you. I aim to empower you to help yourself and know that you are an inspired, talented, soulful being and derserving of the best.

Spells are created within 5-7 days, but usually sooner and emailed directly to your Inbox. You take it in your hands to decide when to manifest the change that you seek.

As always privileged working with you in a magical, authentic and intuitive way.