~~ Intuitive Reading ~~

I’d love to confirm a few things for you. 🙂
The need for quiet and alone time has been strong – you are absolutely correct in this. Since moving here my husband and I have spent every minute together. I love him dearly but I feel like I am neglecting me.. the things I need and want.. solitude, moon-gazing, speaking with like-minded souls, sitting with the trees, etc. Of course, there are also demons I am facing by moving here. I will have to learn to confront them so I can let them go.
There were so many things that I made a connection with from your reading. For example I have been collecting feathers ever since I got here. Don’t ask me why. I’d just find them while out with the pups and picked them up. There is definitely inflammation (heat) on a physical level and my biggest dream of traveling still does not feel like a possibility at the moment because of our dogs. What you said about confusion also rings quite true.
You’ve said so many things that make sense… the reconnection with the land. I do feel the land is what called me here.
You are also correct about my water element and earth qualities. 🙂 I am very emotional (typical cancer) love hiding in my shell, love calm, need to be creative and nurturing, love my home and do like order and everything in its place. I just love that you felt that. 🙂 I am so glad I found you. 🙂
Many blessings, love and light to you
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