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Planting a Love seed at New moon – new paradigm

New or Dark Moon is my favourite moon phase. During this time I always experience inner power, grace, quietness and softness the MOST. I often go through a period of sadness and reflection, which feels quite nice and somewhat necessary. It is a period… Continue Reading “Planting a Love seed at New moon – new paradigm”

‘A heart in a cage’ dream

My intentions for this year is to attempt the process of releasing pain that had taken residence within my energetic bodies for a very long time. I have carried it all with devotion and protection. No one ever could or would be allowed to… Continue Reading “‘A heart in a cage’ dream”

Self-love is NOT bad

We hear about self-love more and more these days in a sense that one must give oneself love in order to be able to give out into the world. There is a strong dissonance of energy between giving and receiving in the world generally.… Continue Reading “Self-love is NOT bad”