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My sacred woodland

Across the road from my house there lies a woodland. It is a short pleasant walk into what is a sacred place to me. At first sight it might seem like nothing particularly special, big or of any significance, yet to me it means everything.… Continue Reading “My sacred woodland”

Silver birch spoke

The birch spoke gently of the red hot twisted wire, which is present. What it refers to is stress. It looks and feels like a buzzing red hot energy unable to escape, so it continues to bump against sides of the wire and sparks… Continue Reading “Silver birch spoke”

Naming Trees

Sharing some wonderful pictures taken by tree lovers in the UK     Mystique encounters     Medusa    Young brothers     Midsummer Fairytale     Emerald depths    The Oak and the Birch – the sacred marriage     Standing tall 

The heartbeat of an oak 

   It sure feels sacred standing against an oak’s cool bark heart to heart.  When I leaned against the oak in the woods all birds suddenly awakened in harmonies and the tree let me into its heart vibration, which felt like a privilege. It… Continue Reading “The heartbeat of an oak “

Discovering your purpose in Nature, communicating with trees and the Elements

I am feeling dizzy and sensing being called into the woods. I am also drawn to reading some spiritual text, particularly on planes of consciousness. I just read the latest blog from Teal Swan and I cried. You can read it HERE. It touched… Continue Reading “Discovering your purpose in Nature, communicating with trees and the Elements”