Tag: transformation in nature

Who would I be?

What would it feel like if I had you? Who would I be amidst your wild beauty? A beast brave and strong A delicate flower smelling like heaven Or myself, just as I was born into the skin of this earth How would we… Continue Reading “Who would I be?”

Beauty will save the world

Can you remain unchanged once you lay eyes on a sunset over the ocean Can you go back to the place of murky greyness when you witness the storm Off the shore of wild and beautiful land Can you not carry with you the… Continue Reading “Beauty will save the world”

The wind, Air element and emotions 

It’s creative, bright, quick and relational. Good at making connections and creating ideas, more and more ideas in one place and then another and another. Goes on and on round and round and back again. Nothing is ever solid or in matter. It’s all… Continue Reading “The wind, Air element and emotions “