Tag: Spring Equinox

Ostara 2017 – old and new

Greeting to the Spring Equinox (21 March) Glad Bringer of Brightness, hail! Maiden of Grace, Lad of Laughter. Gifts of vigor are returning, Spring’s surprise, rainbow’s embrace. Quickened be the heart within us, Opened be our souls to grace, May the blessing be abiding,… Continue Reading “Ostara 2017 – old and new”

On the path of ‘new’ – Ostara 2016

The feeling of today is relaxed allowing for whatever is coming to be welcomed and taken in. There is no fear, agitation, expectation or worry. All is good, all is peaceful. I feel light and very tuned into the peace within vibration. It is… Continue Reading “On the path of ‘new’ – Ostara 2016”

Ostara 2015 build up and release (Spring Equinox experience)

Blessed Ostara 2015! I am currently feeling like jelly, floating through the air of uncertainty and peace. It is a pleasant experience of letting go, releasing and embracing whatever comes. The night before Solar eclipse, New Moon and Spring Equinox was intense, I tell… Continue Reading “Ostara 2015 build up and release (Spring Equinox experience)”