Ostara 2017 – old and new

spring equinox

Greeting to the Spring Equinox (21 March)

Glad Bringer of Brightness, hail!

Maiden of Grace, Lad of Laughter.

Gifts of vigor are returning,

Spring’s surprise, rainbow’s embrace.

Quickened be the heart within us,

Opened be our souls to grace,

May the blessing be abiding,

Welcome sit in every face.

Celtic Devotional by Caitlin Matthews

What is present for me for the last few weeks is a feeling of renewal on one hand and things dying off on the other. This year, more so than ever before, it seems important to redefine how things are done and transformation of the old is crucial. The old that had been at work for many years previously is no longer operating to its optimum and like composted brown dry leaves of last year I am in need of burning the old off with the fire of transformation and birthing something entirely new, not known before, much stronger and clearer. Tapping into resources within me previously unused and stepping into the power not engaged. My intention is to put my past to rest, as I embrace the present and see my future in a different light.

I sit at my altar with my past to my left and my future to my right and I breathe in the present moment, which is right in front of me. Scents of Frankincense and Lavender in the air with a hint of daffodils’ aroma. It feels new, refreshing, full of vigour and energy to burst into a beautiful new something. I feel ready and I feel strong. I light green and purple candles, green for young and purple for old – Maiden and Mother in a dance together. Maiden is stepping forward to learn from the Mother of ways to renew and live a life to its full. I dream of blood and nakedness and as I sit at my altar covered only with a soft blanket I feel the readiness to step into the new, to be born again in a form previously unknown.

This year is significant in all ways of us transforming our lives and solidifying our ways and paint with new strokes and techniques. The canvas is bigger and colours are brighter and we are braver with our brushes as we sit to see what awaits us. Vision is clearer and life is enjoyable in ways simple yet we are more in touch with the basic instinct of seeking pleasure and love and moving towards joy. Not forgetting the past, but holding it in a safe place of knowing we had been through things and learnt from it. Ancestors are also very present, I feel, more than before, who feel incredibly supportive and they come to me in dreams with advice and approval.

As Imbolc this year for me was all about manifestation, Goddess support, and the seed being planted connected with destiny. Ostara is about old and new, birthing into the Sun of endless possibilities. It feels much more connected with a meaning far deeper than before. I feel as one with nature and aware of nature within me. As I go about my days I can smell and taste the Earth on my lips and feel the warmth of its soil in my cells. Strong sense of empowerment is around. The courage and vulnerability to cry, feel deeply, protect with no question and love fiercely – those are the qualities to be embraced this year for women, I feel.

Blessed Spring Equinox!

On the path of ‘new’ – Ostara 2016

The feeling of today is relaxed allowing for whatever is coming to be welcomed and taken in. There is no fear, agitation, expectation or worry. All is good, all is peaceful. I feel light and very tuned into the peace within vibration. It is a pleasant state where there is no judgement or hurry, where uncertainty feels comfortable and non-threatening. 

As I walk into the woods and sit down on the roots of my meditation tree I feel calm, alive and able to breathe fully. My awareness is sharp and my heart is open. I smile with relief of welcoming this energy of allowing after hard couple of months. I welcome the shift on this day of Spring Equinox and somehow everything makes sense again. The wheel turned once again and whatever was is no longer. There’s a sense of completion, achievement and delicious bliss. 

I begin to search for signs of life in nature. Gaia mirrors back to us a sense of our own beauty and wisdom. In nature we find our own nature, we line up with all that is meant to be. This is my experience always and it is the most profound feeling of belonging and coming ‘home’. It is truly blissful. 

I see a teasing promise of luscious bluebells and my heart laughs out loud like a child seeing something amusing. I feel very free and confident on the path I walk and with each turn of the wheel the strength and comfort grows as if the earth hugs me tighter and tighter. 

I continue on my walk enveloped by my renewed energy of releasing and allowing. I take deep breaths and stand and stare and listen to the sounds of the woods. It is home.

Trees feel playful and dancing this morning, very feminine giggling and chatting. There’s a sense of a gathering where young maidens are preparing for their first outing into the world, similar to the energy before getting married. There’s laughter, excitement, playfulness and youthful vibe of things to come.

Here are some trees in their jewellery

 Blessed Ostara, all things living and wonderful. Let your path be blessed with the new energy of spring in the blooming flowers and the bird songs. It is a gift of life that we receive once again and oh, how precious it feels.


Ostara 2015 build up and release (Spring Equinox experience)

Ostara 2015

Blessed Ostara 2015!

I am currently feeling like jelly, floating through the air of uncertainty and peace. It is a pleasant experience of letting go, releasing and embracing whatever comes.

The night before Solar eclipse, New Moon and Spring Equinox was intense, I tell you. I felt my body constricted in tight awareness of feeling super uncomfortable, rigid and just wanting to shrink somewhat. I found myself sitting in one spot all night and being aware of my old emotional compulsive patterns appearing, e.g. ‘eating myself out of the emotional discomfort’. I didn’t, of course, not these days, yet the feeling was there, familiar, nagging, aching in every cell of my body. I felt my eyes tight and my teeth clenched. Super intense. Read More