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Isle of Mull 2017 in pictures

Wonderous, luscious, wild land of Scottish islands   Advertisements

Ode to the Land 

  In my dreams you visit me like a deep soulful cry from within You touch my senses as I sit in solitude in the forest Water takes me straight to the expansive lochs of your bosom You contain and penetrate the essence of…

The Land’s calling

It is the time of my soul’s bleeding with deep connection to the land, which is calling again and again. It is such a powerful pull that it feels painful and pleasurable at the same time. It is a deep yearning within me that calls…

The gift of the land/soul home

Do not be fooled by the beauty and majesty of the land, as it hides its scars well and keeps its secrets deep under her Earthy blankets. The land doesn’t wait, protect or care for anyone or anything in a sense it just IS….