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In breaking down breaking through…

Do you feel as if the ground disappears under your feet threatening for you to fall into abyss? Do you feel and see things disintegrating and changing shape in an instant in front your very eyes and you barely have time to draw breath?… Continue Reading “In breaking down breaking through…”

Purification process 2016 

Purification and cleansing is the signature of this year. It has been a difficult process like layers being stripped off, removed with swift movements and often without much break in between. It really is time, universe means business, I feel, and yes, it feels… Continue Reading “Purification process 2016 “

Imbolc – the stirring of the Earth

The Feminine stirs gently stretching towards the potential light underneath warm layers of soil. With my body I feel the nourishment, with my limbs I predict movement that will propel my body into creating energy by walking, in my skin I know and cherish… Continue Reading “Imbolc – the stirring of the Earth”