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Nature and the present moment

It is raining… It is not ‘it will clear in a few hours’ or ‘yesterday it was sunny’, it is raining here and now, nothing else is happening. Nature is expressing herself through the element of water in this very moment and it is… Continue Reading “Nature and the present moment”

Searching for…

Searching for what I know not The invisible, senseless, shapeless something Grabbing on to nothingness of what’s there Where? Here? Not now, not yet, not ever… What do we search for? Meaning, fulfilment, purpose, love, joy, happiness? Moving towards having our needs met, things,… Continue Reading “Searching for…”

Struggling to stay in ‘winter’

I am struggling with staying in the moment. Is it a ‘curse’ of winter? Through running workshops and personal interactions I have been noticing how common it is for people to want to escape winter. More spring pictures pop up on social media in… Continue Reading “Struggling to stay in ‘winter’”