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Abundance at Lughnasadh

I have been having dreams about food in the run up to Lammas. A lot of food, plenty of nourishment provided. Happy dreams, overflowing with gifts. Dreams of festivities and cheer that left me feeling ‘full’ and satisfied, possibly even having more than needed.… Continue Reading “Abundance at Lughnasadh”

Stay present with what you DO have

When focusing on what we don’t have rather than what we do have it can be pretty hard to differentiate between our wants and needs. Time to evaluate! Is that something that you want is really what you need? If you think you really… Continue Reading “Stay present with what you DO have”

How a ‘no’ can be a ‘yes’ in disguise

What are your reactions when you hear a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’ from people in various life situations. It is interesting to observe how our bodies vibrate when we receive something that we ‘think’ we want to hear and how our reactions are when… Continue Reading “How a ‘no’ can be a ‘yes’ in disguise”