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Nature is all there is…

Nature is the original intelligence, life-force, evolution and transformative realm that just is. I like working with nature as the most primary source of all intelligence grounded in the body, clarity of thinking and depth of feeling. Most of all it doesn’t seek to… Continue Reading “Nature is all there is…”

What if I flow…

What if I just flow… With the wind in the wildest place With water soft as silk the colour of silver With green pine needles fragrant with essence What if I become it… The place where love is the only religion That breathes deep… Continue Reading “What if I flow…”

Nature as the divine expression

Last night I found myself curiously led to researching something I had never resonated with but had tried to explore on several occasions and for a moment there I felt first paying attention, then being confused, followed by feeling lost and somewhat empty. Not… Continue Reading “Nature as the divine expression”