Tag: life and death

Hope rises

The promise of spring lies deep within the earth we walk on With every hour and every day the light grows brighter into being The silence and nakedness of it all is loud with life stirring deep in the darkness Like spring life blooms,… Continue Reading “Hope rises”

Part of the whole

When going somewhere beautiful it is overwhelming to think that I am part of it all and not just in a sense of sharing a living space but down to cellular level of things. Do we truly know it? All of the time? It… Continue Reading “Part of the whole”

Imperfect beauty

  A tree bent by the wind is still a tree playing with possibilities A river still or turbulent is still a river living through flexibility of flow A creature with a scar to its skin is still beautiful if not more so, as… Continue Reading “Imperfect beauty”

Walking with ancestors

This morning was one of those mornings when I felt my time was well spent. I was called to visit woods, a particular place I know well. Whenever I am called like this I always follow and I got in my car this morning… Continue Reading “Walking with ancestors”

When death comes…

When death comes I will not shudder before its cold stare For I have witnessed bluebell woods at spring time I will not turn my face away from its shadowy presence as my soul remembers the smell of hawthorn flowers Embrace of a child… Continue Reading “When death comes…”