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The ‘shadow’ Fire of summer

I am exploring the wounded, sensitive point in my psyche that comes up in June, before Summer Equinox. It produced feelings of depression last year, which lasted all the way to Samhain – a long time. This year I am determined to un-tangled and… Continue Reading “The ‘shadow’ Fire of summer”

Parenting with inner child in distress

It occurred to me a while back through self-awareness and deeper knowing just how difficult it is to parent when your own inner child is screaming in pain and distress. Makes perfect sense. That deeper knowing within me was present since the age of… Continue Reading “Parenting with inner child in distress”

How things can fall into place

Looking for a new perspective, for a way to move forward, for a way out… Things can fall into place in many different ways: through being patient through energies aligning fully with your vibration of need and desire through creating an opening for something… Continue Reading “How things can fall into place”