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‘De-railing’ effect in the collective

Do you feel like: You are unable to ground whatever you try Feeling lost, disconnected and disintegrated In doubt of what you need and want Seeking something constantly Unable to find anything that helps Values, believes and morals are being questioned in a big… Continue Reading “‘De-railing’ effect in the collective”

When death comes…

When death comes I will not shudder before its cold stare For I have witnessed bluebell woods at spring time I will not turn my face away from its shadowy presence as my soul remembers the smell of hawthorn flowers Embrace of a child… Continue Reading “When death comes…”


We are born, we bloom and we die. What of those in-between spaces? That is day-to-day living, those are the moments, of which life consists. Today, it feels like the past is gone and the future is doubtful and uncertain. There is death anxiety… Continue Reading “Existential…”