Earth and Water as perfect companions

Rebalancing code Water/Earth pictures taken this morning with my Blue Lace Agate crystal (more below)

crystal  crystal two

crystal one

I have been noticing how I don’t naturally flow in the hot weather in terms of creativity or high energy. I crave shade and a cool breeze and today is just the perfect morning. Fresh, crisp, cool, but still warm and no sun or wind. Bliss! Perfect summer morning.

I was thinking how Fire and Air elements are often distorted in a way they become unbearable when balance is missing or their presentation becomes extreme, e.g. extreme heat or extreme wind when other elements like cool Water or lush green Earth are absent. Today is the perfect combination of Water and Earth coming up within me and observed around me. Just as I don’t align well with distortions of Fire and Air within myself, I don’t always welcome them in nature and what I am left with this morning is Water and Earth, perfect companions.

The way I instinctively picked up a Blue lace Agate this morning off the shelf just before drawing a Tarot card of the Knight of Water, indicated that something wasn’t in balance emotionally and my body and soul needed soothing and comforting. It also showed that something needed to be expressed, hence the blue throat chakra stone in my pocket and the card of Knight of Cups. Emotions!

I found myself slightly out of balance with emotions this morning, which manifested in an outburst of some unexpressed needs over the last week. It was just a moment, but it pulled me back into myself and I asked myself ‘how do I feel and what do I need right now?’ These questions are great for bringing attention not just to the present moment, but becoming aware and conscious of how one feels. Unconscious projection of emotions can produce unwelcome results, as we are all familiar with.

What I needed was solitude, a need to recharge and rebalance and the best companion for Water is Earth. To me that means Nature, walking alone and hiding in the woods, sitting against trees and holding on to their trunks and branches for comfort and reassurance, being in touch with the forest floor. This morning Water spilled out in the need for Earth.

My husband is a strong Earth type and what a comfort he gives to me as a natural Water type. He is solid, reassuring, safe and constant much like a tree or the Earth itself. He is home and he is roots to me. Instead of experiencing him fighting back or projecting back against my overflow of emotional need I see a smile, a safe comforting energy of ‘come here’, a knowing that there is an Earthy kind of embrace awaits me, always, when I need it. That knowing is my anchor, my Earth, my balancer.

As I walked through the forest and each step met with the Earth in perfect partnership I felt my creativity coming alive under the shade of my beloved trees and a cool, gentle Air whispering musings into my ear. Water element is also creativity. I took a deep breath and once again became aware of loving the shade, the cool, the quiet and the creative. My need was met and I came up with five different blog posts in my head. Ideas still flowed in abundance as I arrived home with a heart full of joy, head full of beautiful musings and images, my body relaxed and energised at the same time and my emotions perfectly in balance with the safe embrace of the Earth.

Blue Lace Agate: it is a wonderful healing, soothing, cooling and calming stone. It also allows you to experience the higher energies or raise your vibration. It is one of the most nurturing and supportive stones. It will neutralize distortions.

It counteracts the suppression of feelings and allows for free expression and creativity. It brings a deep sense of peace.

The Knight of Cups: the card represents someone in touch with their sensitivities and emotions, it is a ‘feminine’ kind of energy and links with romance and love. It is also about relationships and connections to yourself through the feeling sense. The Knight is knowing and flowing and in touch with his Water, he is showing you the open channel through which emotions can flow, possibilities of being open to love. It is ok to be sensitive, it is ok to be you just the way it is. It offers possibilities for new relationships and the card has an element of hope and natural flow of events and encounters. It provokes inspiration and encourages creativity, it already knows the way and invites you to join in adventure of it all.

I took this picture by accident on my walk and what a beautiful and exact representation of Water/Earth balancing it is. It is creativity and life-force in action.

picture by accident

I am a big devotee of the Elements and as a witch I work with their energy every day. Here are some prints/cards I created, which would make perfect addition to your Book of Shadow or placing on your altar. Supplied electronically or as a physical item. Check it out HERE

Some videos on working with the Elements

Red Jasper – January crystal


There are two crystals and healing stones that come to mind when I think of where we are energetically during the month of January. Garnet is one of them and it is traditionally associated with January, as the month’s birth stone. Another stone, however, that I have repeatedly encountered in my daily experiences and energetic vibrations pick up during this month is Red jasper. I would like to focus on this beautiful stone and explore its healing and guiding properties and see how those can assist us all in where we are now.

As always I would like to encourage you to tune into your own resonant vibration with the stones and information they carry. Material that comes through your energetic bodies from the source, if you like, is always the most accurate for you in a given moment. The way it works is that whatever you are aligning to at a particular moment, i.e. tuning into a particular energy, that energy will communicate information in ways of bringing things to your attention, displaying certain colours and shapes in your awareness. This is what have been happening to me this month of January – Red Jasper.

First of all let’s look at the colour red and its significance to the energy of January. It is red and this colour is of a masculine energy, passion, protection, Fire, setting goals and manifesting with confidence and courage. This is the month of the King.

Re Jasper is an interesting stone, as it bring certain problems to light before they grow bigger, so what it teaches us is to become more aware of your daily encounters, your feelings and behaviours of yourself and others. Be tuned into what you are doing and why. Red Jasper also provides important insights into difficult situations, therefore, it might be a good idea to sit with one of these stones and absorb through meditation its vibrational messages to you. It also has a great calming and balancing energy, so if you tend to feel anxious and worry a lot, it is a great stone to carry around. Let’s see how this might relate to where we are during this time of year. It is a new year, a new beginning, people making resolutions and setting goals. With all these activities there come inevitable worries, doubts and uncertainties about the right way forward. Many ‘go for it’ with confidence and yes, it is great time to align with that masculine energy of ‘doing’. However, many people might be at a point of self-doubt and not being sure about the direction they want to take. Something to think about. What can you do to propel yourself forward. Well, tuning into the energies around you, Fire element and calming, grounding influences of Red Jasper just might give you a helping hand and ensure you are safe and comfortable in moving forward with manifesting your dreams.

Other properties of Red Jasper: it cleans and stabilizes the aura, and strengthens your boundaries. It is also a stone of health and detoxification, which is of high value to many when stepping on a new path or starting a healthy living regime. It supports and heals and associated with the base chakra.