Creative imagination technique in magic and healing

Here I would like to share some examples of spontaneous drawings with you to access unconscious and release whatever needs to be seen. No interpretation is often needed, just drawing something out literally can help with feeling lighter, happier, emotional, but releasing. If in personal therapy you can ask your client to interpret through asking questions about each colour, image, shape and size, anything that stands out and how they feel when engaging with their drawing. Non-interpretive and interpretive technique is used in Art therapy with mental health patients, with children in psychotherapy, within transpersonal psychotherapy practice. I use this technique in my practice. It is one of my favourite ways to work and it is always wonderful to see shifts happening and insights coming out of clients’ drawings. I, myself, in my own therapy, experienced huge shifts and transformations through using creative imagination technique and drawings.

It is also used in magic very often, as it is very powerful in ways of accessing material otherwise unseen and unknown/unconscious. It can reveal so much about you and the way you see things, your desires and needs, obstacles and dislikes.

Call it magic, call it therapy or healing whatever it is used for it works wonders for the psyche. I wrote a post earlier on the Fire spell HERE where you can use this technique to release what is no longer wanted. I did the spell myself using a list where I put on paper in words what I wanted to be released and I also did a drawing in a spontaneous way, not a pre-determined way (you can do it that way too), i.e. drawing what you wrote. I just went with the flow without engaging thinking and letting my hand express on paper what is within me having set an intention to release all that needs to go.

Interesting observation was that when I did as list I was surprised that there didn’t seem to be that many things that I needed to release. Words didn’t appear easily, I had to think about what to put. Here is the difference with the drawing, which was so rich in colours and imagery it filled the whole space. You see when your thinking is engaged it blocks the emotional flow of the body, it blocks all the important energetic stuff connected to feelings and memories stored in the body. When drawing spontaneously all that material that needs to come out does flow very freely and in contrast to writing a list one can see just how much is inside and just how much needed to be released. If one stopped at just a list, the job would only be half-done. I hope this explains the power and value of incorporating this technique in your magical workings, personal healing and work with clients.

Here are some of my examples:

Here are some of my favourite drawings from C. Jung’s Red Book when he took a journey through his inner world:

Shadow work

tree on a cliff

I feel like a delicate defenceless flower or a tree amongst merciless elements. It is exactly like in nature when you see a small tree on top of a cliff hanging on against blustery wind with its delicate branches and trunk screeching and bending and about to snap. I am part of it and at the same time I am separate, as I am not included. I sway in the wind of wanting to stay, join, be brave and loving to exploding into fierce fire and burn it all to ashes. I want to win, I want attention, I want respect. I want to grow into something big, something untouchable and to be scared of and I also want to remain delicate, pure and sensitive.

We all have different sides to ourselves and it is part of our experience here on Earth to be able to untangle, recognise, understand and integrate into a whole all of what we are. It is complex, deep in contradictions and mystery and so necessary for we are all ultimately aim to grow into Peace, into one with the universe and go back home to the place of unconditional love and majesty of the Source.

Struggles prevail the last two months and parts of me come alive I am battling with. What is needed is Shadow work. It is the right and potent time of year for this work of self-reflection and going deep into under-layers of our psyche. They call it going deep down into your psyche and digging up parts, which are wounded, exiled and rejected, parts of you unacceptable to yourself and others. It is incredibly powerful when going into your unconscious you are faced with images that make you jump out of your skin and make you want to scream, cry, twist in pain and burst into flames. I find shadow work is one of the most vital paths to take if one is to discover your own mysteries, worth and even purpose. It is a way of healing through loving your wounds, embracing your darker side and negative qualities. Once the work is done the hope is that nothing is seen as negative, but worthy, deserving of love and attention and wounds then begin to transform into scars decorated with wreaths of flowers and drawings on the canvas of your life.

Love your wound, decorate your scares, sing through your soul and breathe life into every corner of your unconscious. Shine that light on monsters, disfigured forms, defenceless pathetic characters and merciless murderers and persecutors. Shine it hard, do not let yourself shake as you walk into your own ‘hell’, threatening to turn you into dust. Remember, there are other parts of you just as strong as your shadow aspect and once both light and dark meet, they find that attraction and love is mutual, they find that there is one whole holding them together. Apply love to all parts of yourseld at all times and do not be scared to go into that cave of darkness and misery, as what lies within are jewels of explosive and deep understanding of yourself.

shadow work C Jung