Intuitive Readings

intuitive readings online

I have been instructed to resume my provision/service of Intuitive Readings. For how long I don’t know and will listen to the flow of instructions on that. For now I am invited to open it up to everyone again. Each reading will be tailored to an individual journey, psyche material and unique qualities and energies at the time. I never know when and how information is going to come, but it has almost always been instant and rich. I tend to spend a few days to consolidate all the material I encounter, see, feel and hear before sending it to you via email.

The lady of the Lake has been coming up a lot lately and what a divine timing. This year is all about the home, roots, feminine skills and musings, inspiration and keeping that inner Fire alive. It is also all about the Water element and balancing it out in our psyche. It is about sacred feminine in us all coming into its full potential and power. Key words are gentle, wise, humble, knowing, flowing and pure. Readings are to be done in the ‘Water’ realm and elemental signature and I am ready to delve into your higher self on your behalf.

If you currently feel the need to connect to yourself on a deeper level and have some questions do contact me to open up the connection between us and discuss further steps. I am privileged to serve. Blessings!