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“I love this book! I am enjoying the activities very much. The book is set up in an easy to use format, clear concise and thought provoking. That being said, the author brings in the beauty and complexity of nature, written in a beautiful poetic fashion. I have purchased the deck as well. I am planning on ordering this book for my nieces and nephews for Christmas presents. (Ann, USA) “

“These experiences you have guided readers through are wonderful journeys of self-exploration and connection with the natural world.”

Dr. Selene Kumin Vega, licensed psychotherapist in CA, faculty at Saybrook University

“A unique approach to improving your relationship to nature and your life through the timeless archetypes found in the wisdom of the tarot. The beautiful images enchant your imagination and lead you to explore the animals and elements described in the readings. This deck gently introduces you to exercises with plants, rocks, animals and elements in a safe way to escape the confines of the office and house, even with a busy lifestyle. Most outdoor exercises can even be done with children. A boost to anyone who wants to connect on a deeper level with our planet and those creatures with whom we share it.”

Ariann Thomas, author of Healing Family Patterns and Changing Your Genetic Heritage

“This is amazing. Totally what we need for what is happening now – people are not getting out into nature enough anymore and this shows why and how they should. I used to be a preschool teacher and have my early childhood education diploma, and I could also see this being used by children and their families and preschools. I also teach kids yoga and could see yoga teachers using these to theme classes or make yoga activities or games using the cards and book.”

Juliane Nowe, Founder of LadyNowe, Holistic Health Coach, Yoga Instructor

“This is like meditation, releasing, cleansing and being one with nature, all in one! A great way for families to interact with each other, to create memories, learn, educate and find peace all at the same time. Being in nature as a means of improving your health is becoming more popular nowadays and I think this is a fun way for people to get started! You learn the importance of the world we live in and its natural elements, while being able to be one with our natural habitat and environment.”

Sherry Matthews, Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach, Owner and CEO of Resilient Health



Intuitive Witchcraft

e-book on creating your magical practice using intuition, spell casting in nature, rituals and working with the elements




‘Left me wanting for MORE…’

‘I love EVERYTHING you do. You are a blessing!’

‘The book was very informational, and presented VERY WELL. I absolutely loved it.’

‘I felt encouraged, inspired and guided’

‘I would have paid even MORE for it…’

‘Awesome experience, MAGIC…’

Keep up the beautiful work’

‘Easy to understand information. PERFECT.’

simple raw food book


Simple Raw Food Meals

e-book of simple raw food recipes, low-fat, savoury and sweet




“Your book is awesome! I love the simplicity of the recipes, and how your love for these meals and this lifestyle shines through… your next book should contain even more personal information. People would be fascinated by your story.” (Heather, USA)

“This book has inspired me to totally re think my approach to food and what I put in my body. To think that I used to consume such rich junk foods that made me feel sluggish and emotionally low, and now I am filled with energy and vitality. Looking forward to exploring more recipes! Thanks” (Chris, UK)

“Simple, no nonsense raw vegan recipes. I love it!” (Katie, UK) 

“Veryhappy with purchase, got e-book very quick. Lots of new ideas!”

“Purchasedas a gift. Thanks.”

“Really good”






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