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‘Left me wanting for MORE…’

‘I love EVERYTHING you do. You are a blessing!’

‘The book was very informational, and presented VERY WELL. I absolutely loved it.’

‘I felt encouraged, inspired and guided’

‘I would have paid even MORE for it…’

‘Awesome experience, MAGIC…’

Keep up the beautiful work’

‘Easy to understand information. PERFECT.’


Nature Spirit Walks Tarot: 22 Sensory Activities to Enjoy in Nature



Candle Magic

Concise and comprehensive reference and information guide to candle magic. Created by an experienced practitioner. Suitable for complete beginners. Easy to use. Contains useful tips and techniques for spell casting and other rituals.

– Concise and easy to digest references and information guide
– Full colour tables and photographs
– Easy reference source for your spells using candles and oils
– Includes basic information and important tools and techniques when practicing magic
– Suitable for beginners. Includes examples and illustrations

I enjoyed created this product for you immensely. It poured right out of me, which is always THE best way to create, in my experience. I hope you find it a useful reference and information resource.



Meet your spirit animal

  • Concise, easy to process introductory material to connecting with your spirit animals
  • Simple techniques with powerful insights
  • Practice exercises provided
  • Intuition driven and aimed at empowering your natural abilities
  • Techniques to connect and communicate
  • Animals symbolism
  • Shape shifting
  • Inner Shaman
  • Unique tips and presentation

And much more…

MODULE 1: Preparing to meet your power animal/s

MODULE 2: Connecting and getting to know your power animal/s

MODULE 3: Communicating with and integrating your power animal/s

“Just wanted to say Thank you to Natalia for her wonderful class and share with everyone how lovely my experience was with the totem animal class! She made the information so easy to understand and gave easy guidelines to follow. I was able to connect with several of my spirit animals and even able to show my son how to meet his totem animal with ease! It was an easy and beautiful experience for me and my son and everyone should just give it a go! Thanks again for your magical blessings!!!” (Nicole, USA) 



Intuitive Magic Practice

Created with passion and joy this book aims to guide a reader towards creating their own magical practice using intuition and working with nature.

– full of guidance, inspiration and exciting empowering tools and techniques
– well-presented and informative guide to aid you through the process of casting your own spells
– it is an experience, an exploration, a journey of discovery
– suitable for complete beginners
– practical exercises included
– intuition focused
– spells included
– aimed at empowering your natural abilities
– experienced intuitive practitioner and spell worker
– unique and original practice included based on real-life experience
– lots of fun learning about magic
– includes teachings on breathing, tools, settings, moon cycles, working with the elements and much more

This book is part of ‘How to’ series of guides for aspiring magic practitioners. Aimed at beginners it is easy to follow, comprehensive and can help you discover useful techniques, methods, practices you can adapt for your own magical practice.

Broken into clear sections you can work through in your own time and at your own pace. It offers some exercises, visualisations, tips and spells and allows space for processing and reflecting.

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Book reviews:

“Your book is awesome! I love the simplicity of the recipes, and how your love for these meals and this lifestyle shines through… your next book should contain even more personal information. People would be fascinated by your story.” (Heather, USA)

“This book has inspired me to totally re think my approach to food and what I put in my body. To think that I used to consume such rich junk foods that made me feel sluggish and emotionally low, and now I am filled with energy and vitality. Looking forward to exploring more recipes! Thanks” (Chris, UK)

“Simple, no nonsense raw vegan recipes. I love it!” (Katie, UK) 

  • 71 pages of gloriously delicious meals presented with colourful pictures
  • low-fat
  • a collection of 48 recipes and meals’ ideas including mono-meals & juices suggestions + ingredients lists and replacement options
  • simple ingredients, absolutely anyone can prepare these meals in minutes
  • all raw and vegan, low in fat, no oil or salt
  • easy to digest, nutrient dense, well-combined meals
  • easy to prepare, no measuring or weighing required
  • no complicated preparation lists or equipment
  • each recipe can be turned into a breakfast, lunch or evening meal
  • ingredients are interchangable, mix and match to your own preferences
  • encourages experimentation and creativity with your ingredients
  • no rules
The book is for anyone, who is looking for simple, easy and quick ways to prepare raw meals and throw yourself into the raw food experience whether you are just starting out or already experienced. It is suitable for everyone, who doesn’t want to spend hours in the kitchen dehydrating and being confused by complicated equipment, recipes and strange ingredients. It saves you time and will boost your energy levels and benefit your overall well-being.