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We are many parts

   We are not one person. We are many aspects within one being. There are many parts to us and all are equally in need of love and attention. All carry a purpose and a lesson within their manifestation and knowing yourself requires looking… Continue Reading “We are many parts”

Intuition and writing 

Intuition is invaluable when partaking in writing. Something I am becoming aware more and more as I write more. It often feels similar to magic when you simply know what tools to use, how and when and results just come together. It is the… Continue Reading “Intuition and writing “

New year new altar 

Today I am clearing spaces, putting things away and changing things round in every room. I love this ritual of renewal and when better than in January. I have been waiting for this energy with anticipation and excitement after a densely packed and quite… Continue Reading “New year new altar “

2016 in pictures 

Thank you to all the followers for all your comments, reading and getting involved. Wishing you the best 2017! Let Nature be with you always. Much love and many blessings Raw Pagan                        

Wizard’s crisis or awareness in destiny? 

 This post is filled with questions for further work and exploration. Questioning is a good thing, sorting through what comes into awareness is a useful process for us all. Accepting the destiny of a wizard… Is it for the greater good or is it… Continue Reading “Wizard’s crisis or awareness in destiny? “