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Announcement – Nature Spirit Walks Tarot

I am happy to announce the release of the latest project in collaboration with Cortney Cameron, whose wonderful idea and beautifully designed images materialised in this invaluable resource. It has been my absolute pleasure contributing to this project. Enjoy! ORDER HERE  

Yule Readings 

   I am offering readings for a short period of time just before Yule, in time to hear what’s coming through and what needs to meet with the light ahead.  Customised and personalised to your questions at the end of this difficult year. Big… Continue Reading “Yule Readings “

The 4th card in a reading

I have come to some big insights over this weekend and I feel exhausted emotionally and physically. As part of my process I worked with Tarot cards and found it particularly illuminating this time around. It has something to do with the actual deck,… Continue Reading “The 4th card in a reading”

Online Tarot Cards Readings

I work with traditional Tarot decks and also Oracle and Angel cards depending on your requirements and my intuitive inclination at the time. Each reading comes with more than just a reading of cards. It comes with intuitive information and deeper interpretation of the energies… Continue Reading “Online Tarot Cards Readings”

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