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Reasons we reach for food and nature’s wisdom

Genuine hunger – instinctual us, animal us Meeting an emotional need. Using food as something pleasurable to get away from something painful we are feeling Being stuck in a pattern, a habit, automatic behaviour associated with certain activities This week is all about the… Continue Reading “Reasons we reach for food and nature’s wisdom”

My thoughts on Juice Fasting

When referring to fasting, I mean drinking just lemon or coconut water or a combination of both for your chosen duration of time. Another way of fasting or ‘feasting’, as many raw peeps would call it, is drinking only fresh, raw green juices. No solid food. Fasting… Continue Reading “My thoughts on Juice Fasting”

From conscious eating to conscious living

Eating RAW opened up more avenues into healing and consciousness than anything else previously encountered by me in my entire life. The power of a clean body and mind created a space for healing and explanding my spirit. Eating consciously made me pause, contemplate,… Continue Reading “From conscious eating to conscious living”

New Book Out!

I truly believe through my own experiences and experimentation is that no one diet fits all and each of us, as a unique individual, should find their own way towards healthy eating lifestyle and foods that suit us best. To be continued…  CLICK ON… Continue Reading “New Book Out!”