Category: Perfection

Imperfect beauty

  A tree bent by the wind is still a tree playing with possibilities A river still or turbulent is still a river living through flexibility of flow A creature with a scar to its skin is still beautiful if not more so, as… Continue Reading “Imperfect beauty”

A trip that freed me

Here are some pictures from my trip to Perthshire, Scottish Highlands this past October just before Samhain. This was a long anticipated trip, not because it haven’t been before, I have, but because I made it there on my own after talking and planning… Continue Reading “A trip that freed me”


What is perfection? What does it mean for us individually and as a collective idea? What are we made to believe it is? Perfection is knowing when something is not perfect and accepting it as that. Perfection is an acknowledgement of non-perfect aspects within… Continue Reading “Perfection “