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Winter in the Highlands

It is Munro climbing season in Scotland and these folk, who shared these stunning images, are out and about loving winter just as much as I do. The Land of Spirit at its finest!   Advertisements

My soul land in images – November 2018

My spirit land, Scottish Highlands, in images shared by wonderful people walking the land this month of November 2018. Wish I was there, as always

Isle of Mull 2018 (part 2) UK travel

Isle of Mull 2018 (part 1)

Dreaming alive

When it is no longer a dream, which had haunted you again again for many months, years, you can breathe with new vigour and steady rhythm. It feels unreal yet it is a reality standing in front of you in its raw state and…

Scotland – isolated bliss

Isle of Mull 2018

My heart, my soul, my bones and blood I honour and cherish and yearn when apart