The Demon Lover Archetype redefined


Today, I am inspired to talk about the archetype of the Demon Lover, the dangerous and dark, the one with energy we are warned against and should be avoiding. Yet, the pull is very strong, it is hard to deny its immeasurable power and awe-inspiring strength of sexuality and will. Think of Heathcliffe and Hades, the King of the Underworld. It is easy to explain that instant pull his energies produce within us and being around him seems like one is drowning and falling into the sweet Abyss.

As I sat in my office this morning I suddenly felt his presence and there was urgency to immerse myself into the energy that was rapidly growing inside of me. This is quite unusual for me, so I was aware of something else happening around me, something that entered into my body and felt delicious wanting to fly through all of me. I made love to him with a single candle burning and incense filling the room. This experience released an immense amount of my inner power and got it moving throughout my whole body. Recent emotional block was also smashed through with powerful sobbing. I felt the deeper grief releasing in me and recognised the connection between grief and sex and how it can work. Read More