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Ode to the Land 

  In my dreams you visit me like a deep soulful cry from within You touch my senses as I sit in solitude in the forest Water takes me straight to the expansive lochs of your bosom You contain and penetrate the essence of… Continue Reading “Ode to the Land “

The Land’s calling

It is the time of my soul’s bleeding with deep connection to the land, which is calling again and again. It is such a powerful pull that it feels painful and pleasurable at the same time. It is a deep yearning within me that calls… Continue Reading “The Land’s calling”

Fear signature – the process of HOW and WHY it manifests

  I have been feeling fear, dread, constrictions in the body, doubt, discomfort and not belonging anywhere in the last week or so. It intensified as the week progressed and when my husband and son went away for the weekend I was left on my… Continue Reading “Fear signature – the process of HOW and WHY it manifests”

Be careful what you wish for…

‘Be careful what you wish for’ surprises us, but also when we attach to an expectation we get bitterly disappointed. Expectations carry a trickster vibration, which leads us astray and to places we don’t expect to visit, which often results in pain and bitterness.… Continue Reading “Be careful what you wish for…”

My woodland encounter with Deer Totem animal

Deer Totem animal. Vibrations of the Earth and trees like a lullaby to my soul… I was called to drive to a particular place this morning, a woodland I once encountered on a very busy day, which didn’t allow me to experience it fully at… Continue Reading “My woodland encounter with Deer Totem animal”