The breath of Winter


Its wispy white air blows softly into nowhere disappearing like mirage

One can see it with eyes fresh and open and awareness sharp

It is cold yet rejuvenating, waking up every corner of the body

One stands and marvels in wonder at lacy tapestry made by winter on roof tops, windows and trees

We inhale and exhale with intention and force. The freshness of being out in the world and breathing, isn’t it wonderful…

Winter touches our bodies physically as we feel its cold grip. Mentally it pushes us to awake, open up to possibilities, keep on walking to keep warm and in life. Spiritually it is the 6th plane of innocence, purity and utter peace when one is aligned with the whiteness of landscape and vastness of expansive space stretched before us. Winter opens  up horizons with trees bare and making it available for us to see beyond its clothes and costumes. In its nakedness it stands honest, open, vulnerable and ever so beautiful. We see that skeleton, bones of what’s within and without. Our structure strong yet vulnerable and withstanding winter with its freezing grasp and merciless chills we withstand challenges and inhale invigorating energy of fresh, new and pure. 

In winter things are born deep within. We nurture and carry plans, dreams, desires and aspirations like precious children asleep in the womb of our consciousness ready to sprout into the light with the Earth’s awaking hour.

MUSIC by Adrian von Ziegler 



Winter and the 6th plane of consciousness

winter in the Himalayas
Himalayas in Winter

Winter is the perfect time to get in touch with the plane of consciousness most often characterised by its purity and magic ghost-like appearance, which stops us breathing in the moment we get in touch with it. We become the sky, the clouds and the cold air it possesses and its grip is intoxicatingly pulling towards all the qualities that it contains – purity, innocence, translucent untouchable sense of weightlessness. It is the plane of the Pure Self!

Quoting notes from one of my college lectures ‘Consciousness is impersonal at this level, immaculate, pure, and free of impressions… it is utter stillness, freedom, solitude, clarity, indifference, detachment, serenity and spaciousness.’

It is cold there, it is pure white, it is desolate and completely abandoned in a sense there is no one or nothing just spirit it its purest and naked form. It is invitingly bright and sparkly with crystals as mineral beings feeling at home.

Humans, who are deeply impressed by this plane find it difficult to be on the Earthly plane due to their constant longing for perfection. For those, meditating on the lower planes of consciousness would be beneficial learning to disengage from their perfectionist ideas of life and recognise limitations.

Winter when you are in the mountains, forests, empty open spaces, which covered in a thick blanket of snow sparkling in the sun or amongst ice bluish whitish in appearance where you can see through layers underneath is the season to wonder about connecting to the 6th plane of consciousness and communicating, witnessing the spirit in its purest form with integration into ourselves. Experience how it makes you feel, what lessons you take away from meditating on the plane and how, in your own life, qualities of this plane manifest for better or worse.

Having come from Siberia I am no stranger to extreme cold weather and snow. For the last 20 years I have missed the wonder of the season so much being away from the environment so familiar to me. We had no real snow or winter here in the UK for some time. There is nothing I adore more about this season than to wake with the Sun and witness frosty appearance of the land and trees around me. With bright sunshine it is magically enticing to all my senses and I feel invigorated by colder temperatures. Today we have temperatures in the minus, ahhhhhh, winter is no winter until temperature drops below zero in my book, till you can really feel that bite in the air and feel it in your body. I possess no perfectionist mind yet I am drawn to qualities of purity and detachment and as long as there is awareness of all the other planes and qualities that come with it and moving regularly between them, exploring those qualities and limitations within yourself it is great learning and oh, such beautiful experience. Meditation is a way to connect with the spirit using music, images or places you visited and drawn to. It is a way of transporting yourself into consciousness you wish to connect with at any given moment. We can all do it. It is such rich and abandoned way to tune in to the Universal Whole with all its glory and limitations.

Are you drawn to this plane of consciousness? Do you feel at home in these places and the season of winter?

© 2011 of  Julian M Kilsby
Iceland glacier © 2011 of Julian M Kilsby
Siberian winter
Siberia from the air
Cairngorms winter mountains Scotland
Cairngorms, Scotland
lake baikal
Lake Baikal, Siberia, Russia
Winter forest, Finland