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SOUL LAND chapbook was born out of my profound spiritual relationship with Scotland. Poems flowed through and out of me in ready form wanting to be heard and written down. It has been an emotional, personal, unique and passionate project for me over two years. Now the book is here!

INTUITIVE MAGIC PRACTICE (under contract with Moon Books) is a product of coming home to a practice of witchcraft that got reawakened in a powerful way and when I began to unrevel the way I wanted to be with it. Intuition was my way! To be published end of 2020.

SIMPLE RAW FOOD MEALS was born out of an experiment in pursuit of a better health when body could no longer function and spirit was very low. It changed everything and was one of the elements that led me to a spiritual awakening a year or so later followed by many transformations and healing of myself as a whole person. The book has been available since 2015 and includes full-colour photos with clean and simple recipes. I susequently also adapted the main book to a LOW SUGAR RAW VEGAN RECIPES version.

NATURE THERAPY WALKS was a collaboration with another author, who found me through my blog and asked me to contribute to the project. It was a delight to be involved and produce sensory activities contributions. A new edition has been released this winter.