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I am a poet, writer, nature lover, transpersonal psychotherapist, and an intuitive practitioner. My interests lie in the human psyche, transformation, nature spirituality, spiritual self-awareness, earth-based spiritual practice, Scotland and UK travel, emotions and magic. I write about an intuitive way of living, intuitive magical practice, nature spirituality and soul relationship with the land.

Creative writing experience and manifestation is an organic unfolding relationship between parts of myself that came forward one by one and entwined in creating a meaning in my life and lives of others around me. From a childhood in Siberia and immersive life and experiences with nature and magic, to being exposed to intense emotions of love and loss at tender age, to being an English graduate in Oxford followed by working with books in the UK publishing industry for over twenty years, to psychotherapy training and spiritual awakening, raw food experiment to my first encounter with my soul land, Scotland. Here I am incorporating all elements of my life experience into my writing: poetry, non-fiction and fiction.

All my writing projects and ideas come to me either intuitively in line with what needs to manifest in my experience at the time or spring directly from an experience, either present or past, wanting to speak out into the world. My life is centred around intuition and when I am called, I go, as over the years I have learnt ignoring the inner voice only prolongs the process, as things that matter will not go away and will continue to come up. Might as well embrace the gold that rises from the soul, so to speak, and do something creative with it. I trust that inner knowing completely.


This chapbook was born out of my profound spiritual relationship with Scotland. Poems flowed through and out of me in a ready form wanting to be heard and written down. It has been a highly intuitive, aligned, emotional, personal, unique and passionate project for me over the last two years. Now the book is here and I am full of gratitude and immense joy.

soul land



Being a fan of poetry and also Scotland… (I live here) I had to read Soul Land.

Perfect for anyone who is after a quick read, who wants to find some peace and tranquil and who loves poetry and nature.

by Georgi

This poetry collection really was a love letter to Scotland and how the author feels about Scotland. There was some beautiful imagery and wonderful phrases that painted a picture of the wildness and beauty of Scotland.

I did really enjoy the poems and language, but wished it was a little longer. I would have loved to read more since I did feel it was a bit short. Still, a lot of the images inspired by her words were wonderful and definitely make you feel like you can see the landscape she’s describing.

by Deanne

I have just picked up a copy of Soul Land and just the first poem gave me shivers. That’s powerful and emotional. I am looking forward to reading more. Great work.

by Roy, UK

The book was a gift and is such a beautiful and lovely read. Brave, raw, honest. It got to me… I could not stop thinking about Scotland for days after. As I also love Scotland it resonated deeply with me and touched my soul. Powerful words.

by Christine

As an avid reader of poetry, I found this collection to be completely different from anything I’d previously read. This was my first time experiencing transpersonal poetry and at the very talented hands of Natalia Clarke, I’ve found it a most enjoyable one!

by Farah

I’ve read a decent amount of poetry, especially in the last couple of months, and Soul Land was very unique from all the others I’ve read. I really enjoyed how descriptive the poems were and the beautiful picture the author painted with each poem.

by Taylor

Calming nature poetry about Scotland that will make you want to pick up a walking stick and wander through Scotland’s beautiful landscape and relax your spirit.

by Hansruedi

Thanks so much for sending me a copy of your book!

I love your introduction and I can feel how much Scotland touches your soul through your words! I’m truly honoured that my painting connects with that feeling!

I love how you write! You write the way I feel!
Congratulations on your book and your poems are simply beautiful!!

by Ann Fullerton

Soul Land spoke to me and my love of Scotland. The pictures that Natalia Clarke’s poems paint in my eye made me long for a trip out into the Highlands.

by Sandra


Review: Soul Land by Natalia Clarke



INTUITIVE MAGIC PRACTICE (under contract with Moon Books) is a product of coming home to a practice of witchcraft that got reawakened in a powerful way and when I began to unrevel the way I wanted to be with it. Intuition was my way! To be released in 2021

NATURE THERAPY WALKS was a collaboration with another author, who found me through my blog and asked me to contribute to the project. It was a delight to be involved and produce sensory activities contributions. A new edition has been released this winter.

Nature therapy walks


SIMPLE RAW FOOD MEALS was born out of an experiment in pursuit of a better health when body could no longer function and spirit was very low. It changed everything and was one of the elements that led me to a spiritual awakening a year or so later followed by many transformations and healing of myself as a whole person. The book has been available since 2015 and includes full-colour photos with clean and simple recipes. I susequently also adapted the main book to a LOW SUGAR RAW VEGAN RECIPES version.



DEBUT novel coming soon!