About me


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My perspective on the world is that nothing is static and there is always potential for change, growth and for moving forward. There is an evolution that happens continuously and we can all decide to take charge of our purpose. I am an experienced psychotherapist and an intuitive practitioner working with relationships, purpose and meaning, life and identity crisis, transformation through darkness and healing past experiences and trauma. As an intuitive practitioner I incorporate my knowledge and beliefs from the field of transpersonal psychology, mystic studies and using my natural gifts.

I believe that emotions are the best navigating system that you can use to guide yourself through life situations.

My mission statement is REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE’

I have been living my life completely intuitively in every area and it has been my guiding star and something that anchors me in my experiences and self-knowledge. Connecting to your intuition and working with it creatively and authentically is a magical experience. For more information on how I work WORK WITH ME 

I was born in Siberia surrounded and immersed in nature from birth. My experiences in nature had been vast and it is in my blood. From gazing at the Moon during the darkest, coldest Siberian winter nights to drinking silver birch sap/juice in spring. From skinny dipping in the forest rivers during summer and mushroom and berry picking in the autumn. From early childhood I observed nature in all its glory and accompanied it in its cycles of death and rebirth, sleep and awakened state, darkness and light. I lived in tune with everything it had to offer and the connection is strong and alive every day of my life today. It is the only thing that inspires, sustains and feeds my soul fully and completely.

Both, my grandmother and great-grandmother were wise women of sharp intellect and a big open heart. They both read cards and were gifted storytellers. People flocked to them for guidance and support. I learnt the art of reading cards and the way messages were delivered by watching my grandmother do meetings with her friends and colleagues as a small child.

When I was about eight years old I fell mysteriously ill and no doctor had been able to answer what that was. I now believe that it was an episode of awakening of consciousness through my body, which opened up a door for gifts to develop in my future. I was healed by a white witch, wise old lady where traditional medicine failed. In Siberia modern and alternative medicine coexist and there are strong beliefs in both having a place in healing a person. The witch was a very old lady and I remember being mesmerised by her great power of love and immense light, which she radiated while being a tiny woman in her physique.That woman helped me expand even more.

My whole family are telepathic. I am empathic and have always been acutely sensitive to others’ energies and so is my sister. My father with a kind wisdom of the heart and my mother with high intuitive sensitivity and knowing are still around me today supporting and loving even if only remotely.

I was born in November under the sign of Scorpio, a Water sign, a powerful reservoir of emotional and intuitive energy. I am a visual and sensing intuitive – clairsentient and clairvoyant. I see and feel things remotely and in close proximity. I work with visualisations, power of intention and intuitive spell work, Shamanic journeying, creative imagination techniques and exploration of dreams.

I hold BA Hons degree in English Literature and a Master’s degree in Book Publishing. I am also a writer, an editor and an experienced transpersonal psychotherapist. I practice in a holistic way, which integrates a wide range of psychotherapeutic approaches with an addition of a spiritual perspective. I take soul nature into account when working with all my clients and see it as absolutely vital element of any healing experience.

My life is completely intuitive in all aspects be it relating, eating or writing. I  can now truly say that I have never found more reaffirming or reassuring way of living than using intuition when building and creating everything around you. Intuition is truly a personal super power and we all have access to it.

I believe I have been waking up to consciousness as I went through life starting from early age sometimes through mysterious illness of the body or mind, other times through a crisis of all senses and going into very dark places on my being. All of those experiences had been transformative gifts to me. I am here today to share and spread the light of consciousness and help guide through intuition towards a fulfilling experience of being a spiritual being in a physical form. My great belief is in human potential and through developing your own intuitive gifts and connecting with the Divine through whichever form you choose will bring much joy and peace into your life. My job is to guide you towards your own light and help you engage with your innate power and magic. My job is to speak to you through the message of intuition, symbols and voices of the old, to carry messages of empowerment and light.