Serialising fiction

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After a period of stillness and retreat the idea of serialising fiction was presented to me and I might just do it. Keeps me writing and revising further for sheer pleasure of involvement with words, emotions and settings, as well as my readers.

Anyone who knows me and my writing would know I am someone, who listens to those inner nudges when they appear (often at night when I go to sleep). I am all about creativity and experimentation in writing. It is also all about ‘feeling’ into things for me whatever I am called to do.

Interested? You can follow along, express your thoughts and make suggestions. It would be great to be able to interact in this way. The plan is to release an instalment of the novel once a month over a period of time till the end.

A little snippet from the opening:

You were made perfectly to be loved and, surely, I have loved you, in the idea of you, my whole life long.

Elizabeth Barrett Browning (1806-1861)

Lights were on in the other bedrooms and big muddy footprints all over the linoleum floor in the hall. Alexei felt cold walking up to the balcony door, which was wide open letting freezing air in. There was a search here. He tried to concentrate, focus on things, but it all blurred around him. He looked over the flat one more time just to see if he could find anything else that might inform him where Lena was. There was blood on the door handle.

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