Re-defining, re-designing and lots of gratitude

A lot has happened in the last two years. In many ways it has been a very productive time for me. I have written and published several books on the subjects I am passionate about starting with my poetry chapbook Soul Land. In this post I wanted to acknowledge all that had been achieved and offer my deepest and sincere gratitude to my audience, followers, colleagues and readers in supporting me on my writing journey. It has truly been joyful!

It has felt lately that a change is needed in terms of consolidating my aims, goals and resources into something I can put my time and effort into consistently. This blog, as a result will transition, and it has already been for sometime, into a more writing portfolio place/bookshop. But please do not worry, I will still be writing posts and notes on my experiences, observations, spiritual insights and travel notes here and there with the main outlet for that being Instagram. If you do not follow me already, please do pop in to have a look. I post pictures of nature and my travels with longer captions that you might find inspirational, insightful, and useful generally. I also post poems and other musings. I am #raw_nature_spirit

Thank you again and I hope you are all delving deep into your potential this winter.

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