From wounded to confident – journey continues…

Beltane is coming and the energies that had long been set up are STILL present! Attend to them again over and over and know that some things are not done until they are done, often it is a life-long journey.
Distorted masculine is at play strongly right now and the feminine is drowning yet again. Hold her this Beltane, within yourself and if you feel vulnerable allow yourself not to engage. Do whatever is safer. Enjoy the energy of this blooming spring in whatever way you choose and know it doesn’t have to be in union with another. That is a script that many internalised earlier in life and have been trying to build and connect throughout lives, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Raw Nature Spirit

Maiden on Beltane No other month, I find, triggers me into sorrow and anger more than May and I have been coming into awareness why over the last two years. Beltane is always a trigger. I have been working with balancing feminine and masculine for the last few years. Bringing the feminine forth and learning how to be that and balancing the deeply distorted masculine, which lived within for so long, but didn’t work within my ‘female’ soft being. I now connect well to the feminine, strong, soft and vulnerable, wise and compassionate, yet masculine, although missing violent, aggressive and abusive side, is yet to be redefined within me. This is one of the posts that I suspect I am yet to write about the process of connecting with the Divine feminine and masculine.

This year my Maiden appears different. I suspect it happened as a result of me coming into the energy…

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