Post-Samhain and the end of 2019

It has been such exciting times here at my headquaters of Raw Nature Spirit. All through September, October and now November, my time has been filled with writing a novel. More exciting news is that my book of poetry SOUL LAND is being published and released at the end of April 2020. I have been busy editing, writing and creating.

Samhain just gone was a beautiful day and very different from previous years. Very grounding and calm times for me. I feel there has been growth, maturity, releasing more of residual non-essentials and creating space for all that nourishes us and will continue to nourish us in 2020. This year has really been a foundation for what’s to come in 2020 where we will be embracing ourselves fully and stepping into our gifts and purpose once and for all. We have really come into our own at this point in time and now further unfolding begins towards more subtle layers of wisdom. Nature speaks to us louder than ever and our senses are sharper than ever, so letl’s use it all to create heaven on earth.

Pay attention to unconscious rumblings through feelings and behaviours, materials coming up in dreams and insights that might come in daily.

Happy New Year, nature folk around the world. Many blessings!

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