The power of awareness

It is possible not to get caught in a web even when you are in one. For as long as you have awareness there’s always a choice. You might even step into the web willingly if you are aware of possibilities of leaving it when you choose to. Until a few years year I would never have thought it possible and would have fought against any potential claim on my freedom. Most of them had been perceived, of course, as I understood working through what they call a ‘prisoner complex, fear of entrapment’.

I am in a place of conscious choice and action and that place of freedom that had been so precious to me has remained intact. True evolution and healing. I got to that place with awareness of life’s constant changes and movements and my own personal choice of being able to step out or away from whatever doesn’t feel right. I also discover that risks can be taken, discomfort can be introduced to a certain degree to test our own ability to adapt, grow and ultimately learn.

The discomfort of being comfortable

It takes time to get to a place where fear has no power and, of course, it is not always possible to sustain it constantly, but that would be unnatural as sometimes we need to be afraid. However, fear that stops us from moving forward is not helpful and pushing through that can open up places within us and show us potential and resourcefulness we might not have known we had. Think of acting in an emergency situation, it is scary and intense yet we all have the capacity to bring forward qualities from within needed in such circumstances. We are all able to respond.

Having worked towards not just defining what freedom is for me for most of my life, but also actively seeking it I have fallen into various traps personally and professionally yet what I know now that the search had led me to a place I now know well. Without trials and errors I would not have comprehended a sense of what being free means and being able to define it for myself. The biggest and most profound factor in any undertaking is awareness. It is like a beautiful chain that offers more and more links as you look at it closely. It is like a trail of fireflies in a night meadow. As you follow one another one lights up ahead. Becoming aware of one thing then leads to discovering another and another until there’s ultimately no end to what we can be aware of and adapting it to our circumstances and situations.

Awareness most of all offers choices and with choices we can see a way forward clearer, there’s a potential to switch course, take a different route, experiment and take risk or simply do nothing. This is powerful and helpful in life’s navigation.

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