Body knows…

sadness in spring

What is it with spring and physical health problems for me?

They say body knows, holds and experiences. It knows it all. Well, I agree that most of what’s going on is a trigger of one or another emotional issue in me and even though this year I am consciously redefining and healing my spring-related emotional wounds my body still remembers and it aches in the physical.

Spring has always been an intense and challenging season for me, particularly towards the end of spring, around Beltaine. I do wish it was summer, but then, of course, I remind myself how summer triggers me into other emotional areas. It is profound and insightful and never fails to leave me in wonder and curiosity how seasons connect me to my life, emotions, thoughts and my past.

As I am going through the last stages of spring I am curious to see what summer brings and how my ‘mother-wound’ healing journey manifests this year. Mother archetype has been featuring hugely and my connection to my own mother has grown as well as the birth of myself as a mother within for the first time in nine years. I would it has been one of the most profound transformations over the last year.

For now I am still in pain and my Maiden is quite tired, irritable and so frustrated. What is required is a loving presence with what is. The soothing influence and presence of the water element transformed into ways of self-love and understanding. Peace and quiet is another element, I feel I needed. Nothing too intense or strenuous and dropping all expectations of what should be done and allowing for rest and emptiness.


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