Integrating vs. releasing

good vs evil

In the last few weeks I am coming to an insight about working with different parts of ourselves and energies that actually do not belong to us, i.e. they are operating from outside, through us, but they are not necessarily a part of our psyche or personality.

Integration work within psychotherapeutic circles and depth psychology is a popular one and it makes sense, as we are all of many parts. We are multi-dimensional and play various roles depending on circumstances, within relationships and what is active within our psyche. We take on archetypal energy too and play that out in our life. Through therapeutic work we can become aware of different parts of ourselves, or sub-personalities, some would call it. We can give these parts names, voices, visual and physical presentation and establish a relationship with them all and observe how they relate to one another. This work can be profound in its insight and potentially transforming our relationship to ourselves and others around us. It can also get us closer to our soul purpose and true essence. With a skilful therapist walking alongside you it can be a very important piece of work.

But what about when one experiences an energy that actually doesn’t feel like it belongs to them and it operates through them as a sort of vessel without having stemmed from the psyche of the individual. The feeling is different, or rather there is a sort of lack of felt sense, but an awareness that something is operating in us or through us, but we are in no way able to control or direct it in a certain way. This can be unsettling and the sooner one catches it in their awareness the better. It simply has to be what it needs to be in that moment before it goes away. I find this comes as quickly as it goes, but it can leave one feeling down, traumatized, violated and powerless. It feels like a possession of a kind. In these cases integration would not work and be completely counter-intuitive. What is needed is cleansing and returning that energy to the source it belongs to. Sending it to the Light. This is similar to working with curses and sending them back to the original source. Witchcraft in my experience here would help and I know of many occasions of such work taking place when it would be clear that an energy present in a person and affecting their life negatively is not their own and needs to be cleansed out. Cleansing is always to be made out of love and light of the purest form.

I also find that when working with the energy of such description it is difficult to pin-point, name, describe or grasp it in any way making any sort of creative imagination work difficult, whereas in comparison with parts of ourselves creative imagination techniques and journeying would show us clearly what those parts are within us. They are easily accessible and most importantly felt through creative therapeutic. We can feel it as ‘us’, as they produce emotions within, which we can identify as our own pain, joy or anger.

In my present circumstances I am drawn to writing a prayer (this word came up first for me, unsure yet why) or a spell (this was the second word) to encapsulate, contain or harness the energy before ‘banishing’ it. There should also be something along the lines of ‘closing down the portal’, through which it comes in every time. In my experience these ‘possessions’ keep on happening again and again and until there is a point where we feel and able to say ‘enough’ and we are absolutely aware of its presence that keeps on visiting there comes a time when it is to be removed, released or banished whatever word you are most comfortable with using. I would say a spell with a drawing might help here even if it is just a colour that presents itself, also burning of some sort (Fire spell) as well as either releasing into the Air or into the Earth, again would depend on the context. What feels the most important is the sacred circle here, as this work would require harnessing energies and a strong container.

I find it fascinating again how my purpose and spiritual direction varies day-to-day, but what I am feeling is that I am being disempowered by something. It feels like an attempt to confuse me into some beliefs, rituals and directions, which are not right for me. I feel I am going through a battle between good and evil, if you like, and it is very convincing and powerful, yet there is something within me that is equally powerful and love is at the front of it all. There is a clear knowing of the presence of more good than bad. Don’t lose hope. Walking in the mountains and amidst some truly magical woodlands and waterfalls yesterday confirmed the strength and knowing within me. Sometimes I might not even know what carries me through, but I always know that something does and that something is imbedded in my relationship with nature, trees, rocks, water and earth.

I would advise at this time look at your perceptions of people and situations with the eyes of ‘what is real’ and ‘what is truly felt’. Opening up awareness wider and putting naive and innocent views aside for a little while to assess surroundings and relationships. What I feel is required is a clear view of the whole way of being and finding out whether there is anything that felt like pulling you into directions non-beneficial or sought to confused you into believing or seeing something that is now there. It seems important at this point to do this work during the month of April, which begins with ‘April’s fool’ and opens up a new journey for us. Shining as much light of awareness as possible is the key and if unsure ask for guidance, seek advice and consider directions carefully. It can be a confusing time.

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