Month: December 2016

FOUR seasons of the Psyche Workshop

  I am planning to start running workshops from home in 2017 and this is my first offering. A beautiful, creative, experiential exploration and a journey through the seasons. I am excited to connect with all of you! Full details and information HERE  Advertisements

Light work in the woods – image of the season 

The birth of light Light spell Fire spell in nature Peace spell for the world The birth of the Sun

2016 in pictures 

Thank you to all the followers for all your comments, reading and getting involved. Wishing you the best 2017! Let Nature be with you always. Much love and many blessings Raw Pagan                        

Personal power word for 2017

 During Winter Solstice I connected strongly with the warrior side of me and the archetypal energy of The King Arthur. He’s loyal, devoted, honourable, noble, has humility, just, fair, super brave, protector and nurturer of his kingdom and people. He’s been coming to me for…

Happy Winter Solstice 

Keep the light strong and warm around you and within you           

Transition into light

Do you feel it? There are glimpses of light coming into being through thick darkness within and without. As we sit in silence on the longest night of the year we feel the heart of light beating with hope and anticipation. It stretches its…

Wizard’s crisis or awareness in destiny? 

 This post is filled with questions for further work and exploration. Questioning is a good thing, sorting through what comes into awareness is a useful process for us all. Accepting the destiny of a wizard… Is it for the greater good or is it…