Restoring inner peace 


When you are thrown off course by outside circumstances and you didn’t see it coming it is a sign you left your centre unattended. When things happen you didn’t expect to happen you feel out of control desperately trying to gain control and attaching to outcomes in your thinking that you do want.

Trying to apply control when emotionally overwhelmed is some might say a natural reaction. We become obsessive in our actions, words and behaviour just to avoid feeling lost, empty and uncertain. It works, but a lasting effect is living within a prison of your own desperation to control everything and anything to avoid feelings within yourself, to avoid facing yourself.

When the world around us suddenly feels under threat the best and most important thing we must do is not to leave ourselves but check with ourselves applying soothing understanding and accepting to all feelings and surrendering to what we can’t control. We release out resistance to  unfavourable circumstances and allow the natural flow to occur however negative.

Bring it back to your heart centre by placing a hand over your heart area. Breathe into the space where you feel love and peace. Slow down, stay still, allow for whatever is present to be acknowledged in that moment.

There’s universal vibration at all times that holds faith and hope that all is just as it should be and all will be just the way it is meant to be. All we can do when we are thrown into a state of fear, desperation and uncertainty is stay with ourselves and acknowledge what we do have, what we can control and what we love and appreciate. Do not let go off your joy and peace however tempting it might be to spiral in the opposite direction.

Love and light


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