In breaking down breaking through…


Do you feel as if the ground disappears under your feet threatening for you to fall into abyss? Do you feel and see things disintegrating and changing shape in an instant in front your very eyes and you barely have time to draw breath? Is your body screaming with twisting energy that coils hot through your centre and pierces flesh in several places at the same time? You want to scream, cry, run and die in that moment, but you are hit with one thing after another you don’t have time to feel or do anything. I described this time we are in right now is like trying to prop up a heavy wall, which is set on falling down, like holding up a sky above with no break to breath or stretch. There is this cruel, vicious-like push against your whole body and a hard slap in the face everywhere you look.

The answer after a period of fighting and losing is surrender. Let that wall fall, step away, jump away or just sit down and watch it fall, let it all collapse around you. WE are going through a period of intense cleansing and purification and it has no mercy this time, there is no more time given to consider options, to make a choice, it is being made for us, it is necessary and no more time to waste. We either surrender to life changing events and energetic upgrades or we get destroyed in the process and death is very much around, just in case…

I had hysterical scary episodes this month, uncontrollable sobbing and hair taring moments that promised my demise utterly and completely, testing me to the core of my abilities and inner strength. Will I still stand when tears stop falling and body stop shaking? Will I still be able to talk and stand straight with something to offer myself and others? Will I feel truly cleansed and purified? I sure hope so… In the meantime in breaking down I am breaking through and what I knew as comfort and safety is being ripped away from me and what I attached to for a long time is snatched out of my grasp. It IS for the best, I know it is, and one must embrace the cruelty of the process like I never have done before.

Blessings to all!


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