On the path of ‘new’ – Ostara 2016

The feeling of today is relaxed allowing for whatever is coming to be welcomed and taken in. There is no fear, agitation, expectation or worry. All is good, all is peaceful. I feel light and very tuned into the peace within vibration. It is a pleasant state where there is no judgement or hurry, where uncertainty feels comfortable and non-threatening. 

As I walk into the woods and sit down on the roots of my meditation tree I feel calm, alive and able to breathe fully. My awareness is sharp and my heart is open. I smile with relief of welcoming this energy of allowing after hard couple of months. I welcome the shift on this day of Spring Equinox and somehow everything makes sense again. The wheel turned once again and whatever was is no longer. There’s a sense of completion, achievement and delicious bliss. 

I begin to search for signs of life in nature. Gaia mirrors back to us a sense of our own beauty and wisdom. In nature we find our own nature, we line up with all that is meant to be. This is my experience always and it is the most profound feeling of belonging and coming ‘home’. It is truly blissful. 

I see a teasing promise of luscious bluebells and my heart laughs out loud like a child seeing something amusing. I feel very free and confident on the path I walk and with each turn of the wheel the strength and comfort grows as if the earth hugs me tighter and tighter. 

I continue on my walk enveloped by my renewed energy of releasing and allowing. I take deep breaths and stand and stare and listen to the sounds of the woods. It is home.

Trees feel playful and dancing this morning, very feminine giggling and chatting. There’s a sense of a gathering where young maidens are preparing for their first outing into the world, similar to the energy before getting married. There’s laughter, excitement, playfulness and youthful vibe of things to come.

Here are some trees in their jewellery

 Blessed Ostara, all things living and wonderful. Let your path be blessed with the new energy of spring in the blooming flowers and the bird songs. It is a gift of life that we receive once again and oh, how precious it feels.


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