A promise to Nature


If you believe nature is in alignment with wholeness, it is universal and ever growing, evolving and constant, then being in that vibration should literally take you right ‘home’, to the state of homeostasis and back to you. I believe this is the case through really experiencing it happening in my mind, body and soul. Nature encapsulates what we would call a holistic approach to life. It contains all the elements active at the same time. Energies that are present when surrounded by nature are pure, in a state of being and will align with what is needed for us at any given moment.

What I also experience is that nature can serve as a healer and also a trigger and this is incredibly useful for our growth and development, because once we are faced with a trigger and able to recognise it we are able to move towards healing. If we allow ourselves not to run away from emotions when we are triggered and stay with the feeling we are offered an opportunity to transform it into something useful and ultimately serving our development.

Nature is a great healer emotionally, no doubt about it, and when one feels out of balance within one or more elements and feels out of alignment, nature naturally flows in the direction of putting you back into balance. Apart from the emotional level of healing nature can be used to heal physically through a spiritual dialogue with what it means to you being part of the whole and what that whole looks within yourself. I tried something the other day when seeking healing for my fingers. I sat on the roots of my meditation tree where mossy cushions are scattered around it and it grabbed my attention. I love touching mossy beds, don’t you? When I touched it this time I felt this potent, moist and strong energy pulling my fingers into the Earth. I dug both hands in imagining my fingers penetrating the surface and meeting with the light that lies underneath. It was such an enjoyable and delicious sensation and I could have easily stayed in that space of receiving from the Earth for a long time. It felt so ‘homely’, soft and empowering that within my consciousness this narrative arose on the back of that wonderful feeling and it went like this

‘I promise you to take care of myself in a way I should with a soft touch and a deep look and acceptance of all parts of me. I promise not to abuse my body or mutilate my fingers the way I do sometimes when out of touch with the wholeness vibration, when I am in a pit of pain seeking to escape. I promise, as you look after me, I will look after myself in the same manner of respect, love and soothing care that I do deserve. You know it, so I shall know it myself. Thank you for mirroring the feeling of wholeness back to me, thank you for holding me in your embrace of respect and knowing. I promise!’

Being in nature restores balance, sometimes profoundly felt other times more subtly, nevertheless one never leaves a forest unchanged, I believe, or healed on whatever level that was required at a time. We go there for a reason even when we might not be consciously aware what it is we need. We do, however, seek something, always and nature draws us in to offer us her gifts of wisdom, healing and mirroring back to us what we are truly capable of.


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