Exploration of Emotions – love and hate

love and hate

Emotions are alive, constant and free flowing. They can come one at a time or overwhelmingly as a bunch vibrating as conflict and confusion. You might feel like you are lifted up by them and can breathe freely and easily with delight. You can feel you are drowning with your head spinning and the Earth falling underneath your feet. Emotions are powerful, unapologetic, but most of all they are deep and transformative messengers. Whatever they are, they seek your full attention. They have needs, they tell you something, and they work towards your potential growth and the good of your higher self.

Every time you feel something there is one question to ask, which is of the upmost importance and that question is ‘What do I need?’ Most of what you are feeling particularly if negative is trying to draw your attention to something lacking, confused, when you steer off course and need clarity. They intend to navigate you in the direction of YOU. When you are in pain, resentment, disappointment or sadness, ask yourself what you need, really ask yourself. Before you ask that question ensure you are sitting completely with whatever you are feeling. It needs your undivided attention and acceptance. For that to happen you need to stop and sit with it fully. Then ask what you need in that moment and see what comes to you.

Love and Hate – let’s look at these two primary power houses

Before you say that hate is negative, horrible and something to get rid of and reject immediately, let’s look at it closely. Hate is often love gone wrong. It doesn’t mean when you are in a state of hate that love is gone, no, it is simply appearing in its distorted form, i.e. hidden from view, not seen, heard or focused on. Hate, for sure, can be returned back to love, back to YOU. What you need to do is sit with it and focus on it and perform the process above. Look and feel all the layers underneath, do not simply try and force yourself into escaping into love or rather pretending that you are not feeling it. When hate grips it lets you know about it, you ARE feeling it. Question it to the depth of your soul.

Underneath hate you might find anger, disgust, disappointment, shame, greed, murderous rage and a feeling of wanting to destroy, eliminate, etc. What is it that you are angry about? Ask yourself these questions what are these undertones, where they come from, what they need in that moment and where you would like to go with it once you sat with it. Often just but allowing these feelings come to the surface, observed, questioned and accepted, it goes away or rather transforms into something else. Let it speak to you!

Go deeper into asking what or who hate is directed towards – other/s or self. That is important to know which part of you needs attention. The source of it always lies within you regardless of whether you have been triggered by something or someone external or you are aware of a degree of self-hatred.

Remember emotions do not last, they do not stay, and they always change for as long as we don’t bury them, reject them and try to run away from it.

When we are in a state of love, on the other hand, we feel light, grateful and clear. We are in a state of appreciation and acceptance of the whole, even hate. Love does not reject, deny or pushes away anything, it embraces the whole array of human emotions, as love is understanding of the complexity and all distortions that exist in us at one time or another.

You might want to try this process in your house, in your sacred place where you feel most safe and comfortable whether it is your bedroom or a corner in your lounge or in a bathtub. Or you might want to go outside in nature and speak to a tree, which can be very healing.

In nature, I find, whatever emotion is present in you grows and extends further out. It is magnified by all the elements around you. Nature can choose to get involved with you or not, it has its own cycle and intentions, but you can learn to bring nature into alliance with you to help better understand what you are feeling and why. Talk to a tree, stand in front of it and say ‘I hate you’ or ‘I am furious with you’ or ‘I am so in love with you I am about to burst’. Be creative with your expression of whatever you are feeling and listen, observe. Close your eyes and feel what happens when you express fully. I have done this many times and I suggest you do this exercise and see how things change for you. Share your experiences in the comments below.

Here is an example from last year, one of many, which I included in my article on nature spirituality and transpersonal psychology HERE 

Much love and enjoy FEELING whatever it is, as it all leads to a better and healthier you ultimately.

Image source: www.pcmag.com

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