2015 in pictures

This year has been rich in wonderful experiences, feeling an array of emotions, building and strengthening relationships and doing a lot of hard work psychologically, mentally and physically. I am grateful for every single day, very single experience the year brought me. I am grateful for the light growing stronger within me and for my integration and understanding of myself taking a new level.

I have seen, heard, felt and experienced things old and new, mysterious, majestic and glorious, soul ripping and damn painful. My spiritual inner compass settled nicely on my sharp awareness and deep knowing of what this is all about.

Here are some images I took and would like to share with you that showcase my experiences this year.

Much love & Blessings for the New Year!


Fairy Pools, Isle of Skye, Scotland
Isle of Skye, Fairy Pools
planes of consciousness
Path towards my sacred woods, Middlesex, UK ‘Planes of consciousness’ I called this image


Sacred circle – ritual healing work in nature
Gateway into Summer
Gateway into Summer
Stonehenge 2015
Mystical land of Skye – deep spiritual work here 2015
Fairy Glen – Isle of Skye
green juicing! The power of raw foods
My soul brothers and sisters, my guides, my teacher and protectors. There is a strong Dryad spirit in me
Snowdonia, Wales

and many more on raw food, Avebury circle, Totem animal deer, studying, cats, preserving, majesty of the forest, into the woods and fruits of the Earth

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