Surrender to your emotions…

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Nature Elements 

Emotions are very powerful having that sword-sharp edge of either cut through us, throw us over the cliffs in a moment of fury, drown us deep in our unconscious darkness or burn us to ashes.


In all of my experiences I have come to realise that resistance and feelings do not go together. Where there is resistance there is also intensity of a feeling, not in a way of increasing its highest vibration, but in a distorted way of throwing you off-balance. When your resistance gets stronger, emotions begin to raw louder.


It is a concept of ‘being with’, allowing the flow through, surrender – that is what not only gives a relief it also gives an experience you can say you truly lived through. Nothing is wasted that way, an emotion is allowed to be expressed fully without any residue of it being left or pieces buried in places unseen.

Emotions and the five elements associations working together can be a useful tool in my experience. Allow your intuition and imagination to come forth to assist you with the processing emotions at any given moment. Emotions most often associated with the element of Fire are anger, fury, rage, passion, force to act, impatience. Each emotion can tilt over into its distortion if it is not allowed to ‘be’ what it wants to be. Our aim to find a way to express it in the moment, which would benefit us. Feeling everything to the full without apologies or excuses or shunting ourselves for feeling something is a true gift to yourself, others and the world. You become intelligent in ‘feeling’ things, people and places to the point that nothing is any longer unfamiliar to you on an emotional level. Only through getting to know emotions you gain wisdom of feeling and expression. So, if you are feeling rage, let yourself be with that, ask yourself what you need in that moment, let it flow through you. Take yourself away when you can be with it one-on-one, as this is a message to you, a lesson to you, no one else needs to interfere here. A mistake most make is involve others in processing their emotions. When something comes up, it is about us first and foremost and the right questions should come to the surface regarding your needs, your desires, your voice, or actions and behaviour.

Sitting with an emotion, which feels burning, hot, furious imagine yourself in the Fire, feel it on your skin, embrace its full potential and see whether afterwards it not only transforms into something much more meaningful and useful, but also adds to your wisdom of knowing how to ‘be’ with something.

The same with Water emotions like tears, sorrow, grief or loneliness. Take a bath, immerse yourself into the very same element that emotion comes from and let it flow through you. It never lasts for long, it always goes, it doesn’t stay just like you never catch a stretch of river flow in the same place twice. It might come again and again and often we think we cannot bare it, we will not survive it, but every time we do and, believe me, the more we sit with it and allow it wash over us or go through us, the easier it gets. Emotions will appreciate your attention, as they speak to soul parts of ourselves that need to be heard and seen.

Have you ever experienced Spirit in the 5th dimension, have you seen it? Felt it? Experienced it within your soul, which often comes as deep knowing and feels like ‘home’. That’s the master emotion in my recent experience. I would advise spending time familiarising yourself with it, invoke it as much as you need when you need, bathe in the sweet knowledge of belonging to something bigger, something unconditional, pure and majestic. What I have done recently is to summon that feeling into my emotional body, my awareness whenever I felt anger, frustration or discontent with something. I have a place within me that allows access to that feeling of joy and unconditional love in a much bigger context than what we are here on Earth. It always brings awareness that whatever I might be feeling is a nugget of knowledge, something I need to look at, but knowing the Spirit exist in the form familiar to me makes that ‘journeying’ through an emotion easier. It give it a sense of having Faith. It lets you know that it, like everything else, will also pass and if you managed to extract a lesson from an emotional experience, so much the wiser you become every time you engage with it in a way that accepts and acknowledges how you feel.

If your mind is racing and you feel lost, imagine yourself flying and feel cool air on your skin and wind in your hair, imagine being washed over with the air emotions. If someone is being negative towards you and you feel like all you want to do is disappear just not to feel it, allow yourself to stay. Imagine you come from the Earth, feel it with your bare feet and imagine your legs growing deep into the ground. There is a warm and reassuring feeling, which comes with the Earth.

There is always a healing emotion to the one that is distorted, e.g. anger-determination, sadness-empathy, sorrow-wisdom, etc. Remember emotions transform, always, but only if they are allowed expression and given enough attention to in the first instance. If they don’t, they distort and fester and become something bigger and uglier often than what their intention was initially.

Surrender is the way…

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