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Do you ever feel like the universe is against you? Well, it is not that she is against you it is that you are not in alignment with her offerings. She is neither good nor bad, she is always available whether you are going through a good period or experience challenges. She does not judge or abandon. It is being able to tap into all the resources that are available that will get you through or support you in the best way that is possible.

But, I don’t believe in this stuff… you say… I get it, this concept, like many others are difficult to comprehend at first and you know why? Most of the time what we do is we go straight into our heads and minds and try to apply reason, logic, thinking and that is the problem. The universe can’t be ‘thought through’ it must be ‘felt through’.  The universe can’t be understood through thinking, one must engage feeling. Those, who follow the calling of the universe, or align with her flow, have at some point in their lives felt that message. Through feeling something no evidence is needed, because one can’t deny how one feels, it is just there, it happens, you feel it, you know it. One can’t deny that knowing that something is being felt at a given moment. If you are someone, who had not yet experienced that feeling of knowing, the first step would be start developing your intuition and following your own inner voice. Become aware of everything you say, do, the way you behave and observe your surroundings and every time pay attention to how you feel. Your intuition is your best navigational system.

At the moment, I am not aligning with the universe. I am not. My head is full of thoughts, worries and anxieties and that makes me disconnect from my body, my feelings. What I find myself in is a state of stress. This is not good yet once you get into that cycle of doing and doing and not feeling enough, it becomes easy to fall into a space of not trusting the universe. We might even feel abandoned and forgotten and then questions like ‘why me’ start coming in. STOP!

What is needed is self-care, we need to stop, cancel all that we planned, stay still and put and use every minute we are on our own to nourish ourselves emotionally and physically. Our spirit, as well as our body need attention and soothing vibes to bring it all back into balance.

Techniques for self-care:

  • Rest
  • Sitting in silence
  • Meditation
  • Soothing music
  • Wholesome nourishing whole foods
  • Sleep
  • Water
  • Walking in nature
  • Just staying still
  • Use your favourite essential oils and crystals (very soothing)
  • Draw
  • Walk barefoot

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, so feel free to add your own favourite ways of de-stressing and aligning with that flow once again. Practice this regularly.

Image: White Magic Alchemy – a beautiful place of the divine

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