Discovering your purpose in Nature, communicating with trees and the Elements

planes of consciousness

I am feeling dizzy and sensing being called into the woods. I am also drawn to reading some spiritual text, particularly on planes of consciousness. I just read the latest blog from Teal Swan and I cried. You can read it HERE. It touched me, as her writing is very similar to mine, I find, and the way she describes her experiences in different places resonate with how I experience places. Here are my blog posts on places I visited and spiritual experiences. (Isle of Skye and Snowdonia, Wales). Teal has such a ‘flow’ throughout, the flow that I am attracted to strongly. So, I am going to the woods, to commune with the trees and join in embrace. I feel dizzy, ‘spaced out’ feeling and what I feel is there is a reason and purpose to the feeling, it is not just feeling dizzy. Something is trying to put me to sleep almost it feels, there is veil just above my brow, which is hanging a bit too heavy.

Message from the woods

I left the house with a clear quartz in one pocket and my phone in another to be used as a camera, as I never know what I may encounter on my narrative walks. I call them ‘narratives’, as there is always a story, a message, a purpose that comes to me when I am out in my woods and often I write afterwards. Today is such a day.

I still feel dizzy and as I approach the woods I inhale deeply and oh, it is so good to be out. This morning I pulled a card, which said – go outside… Here I am walking towards my usual entrance point, but what I find is a blockage, you can see on the picture.

blocked entrance

I am immediately diverted from entering the woods my usual way and I continue forward. The next entrance I encounter is a clear opening into something I am about to find out. It is a gateway.

I turn right instinctively and from that point decide consciously I am going to walk wherever the sense takes me. I walk through the thick greenness of the woods, it is peaceful and so fresh here. I come to a clearing, which looks unusual and I know this is where that something is, yet I am not ready, I continue walking intuitively and see my guardian tree at a distance. I thought about ‘him’ recently when finding myself struggling with lack of ‘male’ energy within, lack of Fire. I remember turning right a minute ago and it makes sense again, as not only the right side represents expressive nature of the male, but I was also meant to see ‘him’. That tree is a representative of a male parent to me, it is old and wise, holding and understanding. One glimpse of ‘him’ and I know what he is saying. He affirms my energy available to me whenever I need to tap into it. I bow with thanks and turn back into the woods.


I come back into that clearing I first came to and I begin to feel even dizzier, I grab on to a tree (one of the two standing together with an opening in between) and my feet start to sink into the ground, like I am drowning and I can’t stabilize. I also begin to feel cold and wanting to hug myself for comfort. I pull away from there and walk to a tree on the other side and even though there is no hill to climb, I feel out of breathe, exhausted and I take a seat on its root. I begin to experience discomfort, fear, it doesn’t feel right for me there either.

Then what I see is a circle.

circle again circle

In front of me there is a tree within a circle and I know it is THERE. I walk towards it and instantly all is well again. I feel warm, the tree feels warm, my head clears and my breathing stabilizes, I am ok. I am held, seen and loved. I look up and I take a picture of the tree looking up. It is done!

top of the tree

I feel I want to run home, energy within my legs expands all over sudden and I smile as I take my route back home. There is a force within me that invites me to meditate on what just happened. As I walk I take this picture. How wonderful, how many doors can you see? Planes of consciousness we can go through, available to us, in front of us, we take the road towards meeting with the spirit again.

My message from the woods was healing and balancing. Just as trees talk and heal me, so should I do with the world with love, touch, flow and light, clean pure energy. Natural beauty is within the message too.


I rushed home to meditate on the scene in the woods. I was called to do so in a particular way. I needed to be wrapped up warm, lying on the floor (my best meditating position) with frankincense incense burning in a dark room. It all happened so quickly. I did everything asked of me and went deeply into it very quickly. Here is what came – tears, lots of tears. I often cry in meditations and I always wondered about that. I feel today I might have realised that what happens is my emotional body not only gest triggered, but my whole being gets touched with messages and experiences I have in meditation, which are often very powerful. I used to get fearful once tears came and not wanting to experience whatever I would often leave, resistance to the unknown, to the very emotional, just resistance. Not this time. This time flow was introduced to me today several times and I was going to flow with it all.

I saw my physical body on the path to the woods walking somewhat unstable I noticed. I was swaying from side to side and had a big grin on my face. I was drunk. As I turned into the woods and proceeded towards the entrance point I fell over and started crawling on my hands and knees and that it where tears came. I was crying in the mud, helpless and hopeless, unloved and unsupported. That image is very familiar to me and resonate with many wounds within, which I am familiar with. They have been looked at and understood and what I saw next was an affirmation of my ability to be healed and staying integrated and well. Another ‘me’ split off from the ‘drunk’ side of me and gently put me against the tree, wiped the tears and covered me with a soft white cloth to ensure I was safe, comfortable and most of all knew I was loved.

I proceeded into the woods, turning right like before coming up to the clearing. What I saw in front of me is huge Fire in the middle of the circle, the tree in the middle was on Fire. My being felt sadness, but not despair, there was clear hope of some resolution. I needed to save the tree. I just right into the Fire holding on to the tree tight and I cried with it, I screamed with it until my tears and my tight embrace of pure love extinguished the flames. The circle opened up and I sat on the ground holding on to the tree. It was saved. The Fire Element

I then proceeded to the two trees on one side of the circle and I instantly got sucked into the ground, not just my feet, but the whole of me. I struggled to come up again and then remember surrendering and looking up I saw a brand extended to me as a helping hand. I was covered in mud, but grateful and with love intact in me. The Earth Element

The next I saw from the other side an opening, which suddenly appeared from the root I sat on (the walk) where I felt exhausted and fearful. I stood watching water flowing from the opening directly into the ashes of the burning tree, which was now not in flames, but with hot coals spread all around it. The Water Element

I looked all around and stood right outside the circle in the middle and turned into a white spinning light, stretching my arms to the sky I span and span as the purest white light. The Spirit

I encountered all 5 Elements in nature and witnessed the act of balancing them all from within. They are all connected as a whole, just like myself is whole with the spirit. I realised my face was covered in tears once I opened my eyes. I felt happy and grateful for the insight and experience into what the purpose is, which is healing yourself, so you can help others. Embrace your inner power, all resources are within and all is available in this universe. The purpose is to love and be love to heal the world around.

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