Intuitive magic vesus Ritual magic

intuitive magic and rituals

There are many ways of practicing magic and many spiritual paths to follow, or you can even create your own unique way of doing things and I encourage and promote in my teachings to create your own practice. It is so much more meaningful and deeply relational if you base your practice on your preferences and what resonates rather than following a prescribed set of rules and rituals. I base my practice solely on intuition (intuitive magic) and this relates to rituals I perform and spells I create. I align with the energy of the source, nature, Gaia, The Goddess or whatever Divine entity that you are drawn to, if any at all and follow sensations in the body, symbols and images that come up for me and choose tools, crystals, elements, etc. as I go along. I usually either see, hear or sense energies. The way I would describe is that information gets downloaded for me and I simply follow that information in creating a specific ritual, spell or a reading.

I read cards and do my readings in the same way as well as creating all my courses. This way there is a natural flow, no force, no attachment to an outcome, no artificial influences of any kind and it always works. One might say I flow with the source energy if and when it comes in and I am called. If I am not called or specific energies are not present, I do not do anything. To give you an example, let’s say it is Full Moon and many perform rituals and spell making during this time, but I would only do something if I am called or information is downloaded for me to do something that will enhance my practice and lift my spirit or there is another mission within the message. I also listen to signs as to when NOT to do something. I do resonate with many elements of ritual magic, of course, I do, and I use some of it, e.g. working with the elements, but not necessarily in the prescribed order or following a particular rule or using particular phrases and words in invocations. I pick and choose and create my own magical musings.

In my teachings I encourage people to follow their own intuition and in my classes I give ideas on how to do that, how to create spells intuitively and how to communicate with nature intuitively. There are no prescribed rules or ritual steps to follow. I believe that we all have our own connection with the source energy and we all have an individual path to follow and missions to fulfil here, so our ways are going to be different. I always say ‘take what resonates with you and leave the rest’. All materials I produce are in the name of sharing experiences and ways of doing certain things and it might resonate with you or it might not. Some prefer working purely intuitively, others feel better with a ritualistic practice of magic, others include both. There is beauty and richness in the diversity of views, spirits and paths.


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