My woodland encounter with Deer Totem animal

Deer Totem animals by Raw Pagan

Deer Totem animal. Vibrations of the Earth and trees like a lullaby to my soul…

I was called to drive to a particular place this morning, a woodland I once encountered on a very busy day, which didn’t allow me to experience it fully at the time. This morning I sat off with a heavy heart and in tears towards the pull of the woods. It was a beautiful, calm spring morning with hardly anyone about when I got out of the car. I went straight into the forest, completely off the path and what I saw took my breath away and the tears flowed harder. I smiled through the pain in excitement and joy and standing behind a tree observed deer right in front of me. A lot of deer. Pure magic. Deer is my primary Totem spirit animal and how profoundly touching to be with the energy of vulnerability and strength on a morning of my tears.

The place felt wonderful to me and sitting on the forest floor against a tree I once again felt whole, alive and healed. I could breathe easy again. Silver birch woods, shimmering and light, turned into a much darker, denser fur pine woods. The air changed, sounds seemed a lot closer and clearer and I liked it. It was as if I immersed myself into a darker shade of my being in that moment, which was both necessary and cathartic. Walking off the path again I realised I followed the deer from light into darkness. They stood still looking towards me and we witnessed each other in honour and love.

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