Ever in doubt… Ask a tree (intuitive magical living)

tree magic

Do you ever go to the woods to confirm something? I do regularly and I highly recommend this type of intuitive communication to ground emotions and get a perspective on whatever is coming up for you that day. 

This morning I am filled with anxiety and fear and I do know the root and cause of it and what it is connected to. I am in great need to transmute it, release it and let it speak to me. I need comfort, answers, reassurance, lessons laid out in front of me like a path, so I can take steps towards the goal I am intuitively setting myself. It is a big one, it certainly feels big within my body. I am very aware of my breath, I can’t get enough of air and this is so very symbolic of the thing that I am trying to release. This change if implemented successfully will have a big impact on many factors within my reality and in lives of others around me. 

This morning I felt called to doing a particular spell. I wanted to write my own, but as I sat down with my book of shadows it opened on the page with the exact spell I needed to use. I decided to choose an incense to go with the spell and was drawn to sandalwood. As I sat down at my desk and lit a white candle fear and anxiety hit me. Yes, this is big, this is something I need to sit on. I had all the ingredients and words ready yet I needed a confirmation of some kind, a sign, a reassuring nod, so I went to the woods to get clarity, to release and hopefully come back with a lighter load…

It was a wonderful walk and I experienced a harmonious tree talk. They all ‘nodded’ to me in unison, which was such a lovely energetic and visual experience, from tall to short, huge to tiny, trees to shrubs, leaves to grass there was an orchestra of voices and movements as if to say to me ‘of course’, ‘it is a yes’, ‘go in peace’.

There was an interesting symbolic representation of my sense of self and my relationship to myself and my body through various symbols I encountered on the walk. It was a riddle I had to work out, but that’s just the way I like it with nature. It often feels clear, but doesn’t look clear, or vice versa. Sometimes it just simply hits you in the face with it. This time ‘house’, ‘new’ kept coming up. On my way I passed two houses, which in the past my family and I looked at. It caught my attention why it was so present for me this time when I went on this walk hundreds of times before. There was something about a ‘house’, a ‘new house’. Then I felt strong sensations in my body, something like being fully aware of my limbs, my bones, my skin and my whole structure. It felt wonderfully warm and reassuring. I loved being so in touch with my body and then boom, ‘house’, ‘body’, ‘new’ – it all came together. It made sense to me what the message was and, of course, it was very closely linked to my initial question when I stepped into the woods.

Lessons to share:

-move your body in a loving and conscious way, honour and respect your body

– stop abandoning yourself and your body when things get tough, do not fly right out of it

– stop ‘leaving’, walking away and STAY present. This is incredibly freeing and healing

– whatever tensions are in the body, first, BE with them fully and unconditionally and then RELEASE in whatever way feels right to you whether it is a run, a swim, a walk, meditation, love-making or yoga.

Well, the feelings from yesterday turned out to reach a lot wider and carries a lot more power that initially thought. Fear really gripped me in the evening and overnight and it gripped me in my solar plexus. I never felt localization of an emotion so strongly before. This morning there was nowhere to run, as my stomach tightened so much my breathing became constricted. I ran upstairs and got to work.

Tools to use:

– use a particular music you might associate with how you are feeling in the moment, e.g. with me I felt very dark emotions, so I chose instrumental music ‘Dark emotions’. The purpose is to BE with what is and really get to see and know the feeling you are experiencing

– use meditative music to open and balance a particular chakra

– use colours and crystals associated with a chakra you are working on

– use magic to ground and intentionally manifest what you desire the outcome of the situation to be

I did it all and I cried and cried and the chakra began to spin once again. The process is far from being done, but it is a start.

What I wanted to demonstrate with this post is the intuitive way of living your life and being conscious of your emotions, body and what it all means for you in the present moment. The more you practice this way of being, the more natural it becomes and more healing and joy will be invited into your life.

Many Blessings!

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