Intuitive Magic Class

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Intuitive Magic Class

  • Would you like to tap into your own sacred intuitive knowledge of the soul?

  • Would you like to live your life in a magical, unique and meaningful way?

  • Do you feel you have a lot of choices and directions, but not everything resonates?

  • Would you like to create your own way of doing magic and feel empowered by it?

  • Do you love and connect with Nature and feel guided by the Elements?

With signing up for Intuitive Magic Class you will find the right tools and technique. By taking The Spell Casing class you will be able to have the space and time to contemplate your unique qualities and passions and experiment with trying new things to see what resonates through intuitive tune in. Materials included will allow you to tap into what resonates with you intuitively and give you tools and techniques that you can experiment with to find your own unique way of doing magic.

You are the master of your own spiritual path and it can be such a joyous process to begin collecting things together into a magical practice that comes from inside of you. Not from a certain established tradition or a book, but from your own knowing, your own intuitive guidance system.

It is designed for you to have one Lesson a week to allow space for learning, practising and integrating your insights.

Sign up for my ‘Spell Casting Class’ and discover your own magical path! Updated and Revised!


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