My thoughts on Juice Fasting

juice fasting
When referring to fasting, I mean drinking just lemon or coconut water or a combination of both for your chosen duration of time. Another way of fasting or ‘feasting’, as many raw peeps would call it, is drinking only fresh, raw green juices. No solid food.
Fasting is a powerful tool, which can be beneficial in a number of ways. The first useful element of fasting is when, let’s say, you have been suffering from a number of ailments for quite some time and want to get better, but don’t know where to start. You are not sure whether you have allergies/intolerances to food and environment and your general state of health is poor. The first thing to say that if you think that you might have intolerances, you probably have, as trusting your instincts is important and I encourage that. So, if you are lost amongst medication, information, tips and supplements thrown at you forget it all and do a fast for a few days. Give your system a chance to say ‘enough’, ‘stop’, let me rest. It can then consolidate a message for you, which will hopefully encourage a more permanent change. At that moment when your system might be heavily overloaded with medication, processed foods, you body is so tired and confused it is very slow at giving you messages, if at all, so help the body to help you by allowing it freedom to regenerate some energy. My own personal journey to raw started with a fast and I never looked back.

Another use of fasting is when you are eating healthy and exercising regularly yet you occasionally feel ever so slightly sluggish, unmotivated and a bit foggy. You don’t seem to sustain your vibrancy. Do a fast! The aim is to give your digestive system a complete rest, so it can recuperate and consolidate a new lease of energy for you, so you can carry on with whatever your plans are. It is like a kick-start, a reboot, if you like. You can do this as often as you like and I know many do that. Some twice a year, others more or less frequently.
Another very important usage of fasting and this is something I do personally, sometimes almost instinctually, is fasting for spiritual reasons. What I mean is when you practice your spirituality, which includes elements like meditation, visualizations, spiritual yoga or other types of  yoga, then fasting brings a higher vibration, i. e. you can feel your personal vibration lifting and your mind clears up letting you go deeper into emotions and other spiritual realms, if that is something you aim to do. When the body is light and buzzing with regenerating energy rather than digesting food, your spiritual energy will naturally be higher. I found using fasting to facilitate a spiritual practice very powerful and joyful.  I always find that messages come through more vibrant, clear and insights are much deeper. It is also a rather beautiful experience physically, I found, you feel like this ball of energetic vibration and strong. Fasting is a common element of many spiritual practices and cultures.
Fasting can be a useful and meaningful addition to your ‘health’ box. I don’t recommend fasting for longer than 5 days personally and found that length of time is usually enough for the message to come through and for symptoms to heal or changes in healing to be noticeable. It can be different for everyone. One important thing to mention is that I never recommend fasting for weight loss or as a diet. No no no. It should all be about health and health only both physically or spiritually.
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